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AI Email Marketing Campaigns: for Home Builders & Developers (Part 2)

AI Email Marketing
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Educate yourself more about what AI powered emails can do for your business and why personalization is so important for email marketing success.

In part one, I touched base on why you should use AI (Artificial Intelligence) for your emails, how it functions and why you should consider it for your email newsletters. In this part two article, you’ll learn the importance of personalization with emails, more specifics about AI-powered email marketing campaigns, and benefits of incorporating it into your current marketing strategy.

For starters, let’s refresh what AI can do and how it can generate custom emails. One of the many capabilities of an AI-powered email platform is to send personalized newsletters to every one of your contacts at the most optimal time, every time you send. Such that every email you send can be sent at a different time.

AI can send personalized smart newsletters from your brand to your target audience, interested homebuyers, employees and partners. AI picks the most relevant articles from trusted sources for each subscriber. In fact, no two emails are the same. AI sends emails based on learned behavior specific to each person’s interests.

The content AI sends out isn’t just your own. As I noted in part one, you can prioritize your own content to show first but AI-powered email platforms are successful because it allows you to learn more about your audiences’ interests. Your audience will find their desired content regardless, so be that source for them while simultaneously creating another touch point and increase your brand exposure.


Importance of Personalization:

As a home builder or developer, you have to fight to stay top of mind with your homebuyers. Purchasing a home is the biggest purchase most people will make in their entire lives and it’s not a quick decision. On average, it can take six weeks to six months to purchase a home, or even longer depending on the circumstances.

As you may already know, the purchase frequency of buying a home is approximately 10 years. So, how does a home builder or developer stay top of mind with their audience? Through personalization and email newsletters!

Personalization matters because 51% of consumers already expect companies to anticipate their needs and make relevant suggestions before they make contact. Essentially, more than half of your audience already has this expectation and not fulfilling it would be disappointing to them.

According to a recent study, 87% of consumers surveyed say that personally relevant branded content positively influences how they feel about a brand. Take advantage of this significant slice of the pie by incorporating AI in your email marketing campaigns. Which leads me to my next point…


Specifics about AI:

You probably have a lot of questions still about how AI works with emails and what it can do for your home building or development business. Below are a series of frequently asked questions about AI that I hope you find useful:


Is getting started and on-boarding complex with AI-powered email platforms?

Many people assume AI is all about big data, but the truth is no one has perfect data. To get started with it, all you need is an email list and an understanding of what you want to set up. For example, there are the recommendation sources such as real estate, or any other area of interest. Essentially, AI email platforms are made for easy set up. So, no it is not complex to get started.


Are there any limitations to number of people you’re sending to?

No. It is not the size of the list but it’s the frequency and engagement with the list. Sending it regularly will become more personalized to the individual, so size doesn’t really matter.


How many times do I need to send before it starts personalizing?

AI starts personalizing each email from the first interaction. The more interactions you have, the better the recommendations are. More about how quickly you can get people to engage.


What is the email marketing management system like?

For the first month or two, there are activities to manage on the front end such as handling recommendations. At the beginning, you’re going to want to look at the AI tool more often. For example, you would want to be checking the content, what kind of articles are pulling in, etc.

If content looks good, then you can let it go and have AI take it from there. If you see changes, adjust the filters. On some AI email platforms, you can add a filter that says “don’t include anything about mortgages or pest control”. After you set it up, it becomes lot easier and you spend less and less time until it is completely automated.


Can you prioritize content?

Yes, you can prioritize your own content if you like. Your article comes in and you just click a button to use your content at the top (depending on the platform, this should be in your settings). You have as much control as you want.


How do you upload content?

You can upload your content through an RSS (Real Simple Syndication) feed. It’s actually the easiest way to add content for AI.


Can you use it for multiple clients? Such as having an agency login & dashboard?

Yes, some AI email tools have the ability to set up multiple clients without jumping around accounts. Some even have a partner program for the agency side of things.


Can the email marketing also be branded?

Yes, to your domain, colors, and your email address. Everything would look like it came from you and your business, and fully branded.


What’s some content inspiration?

If you are relevant and not highly salesy – prospects are more likely to come to you. AI is able to determine what else your buyers are thinking over time and populates your newsletters to match their personal preferences.


Can it have sponsored content?

Yes. As a sender of the newsletter – you can sponsor it manually. For those who don’t know what sponsored content means, it’s material in an online platform that resembles the publication’s editorial content, but it’s paid for by an advertiser to promote their product.

Overall, you should consider an AI email marketing tool as your next investment because of it’s highly advanced personalization features. The benefits you will receive by incorporating AI are truly limitless. This is because the more you learn about your target audience, the better the marketing. And with better marketing, comes more qualified homebuyers ready to purchase. As well as building stronger relationships with these consumers.


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