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Recent Opportunities:


  • Dean Akers Radio Talk Show – The CEO Hour
  • Build Expo USA – Tampa Build Expo
  • Digital Marketing Webinar – TBBA
  • Integrated Marketing Webinar – TecHome Builder


I know the home builder marketing industry. I’m a seasoned marketing veteran and author of The Punch List: Real Estate Marketing Strategies for Home Builders. Need help digesting an article? I can shed light on any areas of the home builder marketing industry to better guide your business in the right direction through my speaking.


Why do you want me speaking to your group?


  • Firstly you can learn something new from my vast experience in the marketing and advertising world. I have seen the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to home builder advertising and marketing.
  • You will experience me in my truest form. Fun fact about me is that although I prepare for speaking opportunities and meetings, I tend to not rehearse at all. I take each opportunity and present myself in real-time for genuine results and feedback.
  • For instance, we will experience real expressions, un-cued remarks, and follow up questions as we dive into all of your questions about marketing.
  • If there are any opportunities in which allow your business to improve, I will not hesitate to inform you on these hidden gems. After all, your success is my success and sometimes those out-of-the-box marketing ideas can win big.
  • Learn from my experience. After playing for 35 years in the marketing arena, it has morphed my perspective on how to accelerate your marketing and advertising efforts.
  • I enjoy it. In fact, I am a people person. For example, I enjoy getting involved in my community and will have fun with any speaking opportunity which comes my way.


Topics I can cover:


  • Digital marketing strategies which include Social Media, PPC, SEO, and video tours for your next project. In addition, website development, pop up banners and more.
  • Traditional methods of marketing including landing your community as a cover for a magazine, media buying, advertising inserts or any other broadcasting means you would like to go after. For instance, we can go for radio, commercials or direct mail.
  • Modern marketing strategies which can be email blasts, newsletter reminders or even blog content writing. For example, we can create a plan that works for you.
  • Creative solutions to build and present something you would call your own. In other words, this can range from generating a catchy subject line for your email campaign to drafting the design of a billboard for your community project.
  • Website development, ecommerce, and the benefits of Google. More and more people are online than ever before. Above all, you need to ensure your website is fully up to date with the modern trends.
  • Analyzing marketing insights for your next campaign or retargeting efforts. The most challenging part of the marketing world is to take the collected data and apply it to your campaign. Here, we can sit down together and discuss your insights, business goals, and long-term plans.

Don’t see your desired topic? Above all, I am open to discuss anything related to your home builder business’s marketing objectives. Feel free to schedule an appointment with me to get started.


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