TRENDING: 10 FAQs About Home Builder & Developer Strategies Under COVID-19

Builder Websites: 11 Signs for When it’s Time for a New Website

home builder website - when its time for a new website

4-min read In this article, you’ll read the many red flags which causes businesses to consider designing and developing a new site. Learn when it’s time for a new website. Living in this digital age, it’s only about 5 years or so until your website starts to look dated. This is because after about 5

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AI Email Marketing Campaigns: for Home Builders & Developers (Part 2)

AI Email Marketing

4-min read Educate yourself more about what AI powered emails can do for your business and why personalization is so important for email marketing success. In part one, I touched base on why you should use AI (Artificial Intelligence) for your emails, how it functions and why you should consider it for your email newsletters.

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AI Email Marketing Campaigns: for Home Builders & Developers (Part 1)

AI Email Marketing Campaigns

4-min read Learn what AI can do for your email marketing campaigns to help improve your open and click rates for all messages. If you’re like most home builders and developers, then you probably send out an email or newsletter to your target audience on a regular basis. You probably have a template you follow

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YouTube for Home Builders: How to Optimize Your Channel (in 7 Steps)

YouTube for Home Builders

6 min and 30 sec read In this article, you’ll learn the steps it takes to fully optimize a YouTube channel to gain more views and followers. Did you know there are 37 million YouTube channels? That number will continue to grow. With so many channels, are you actively trying to stand out? Are you

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