TRENDING: 10 FAQs About Home Builder & Developer Strategies Under COVID-19

Remodelers [3 Marketing Ideas to Generate More Revenue]

Man working on a new kitchen installation and looking at blueprints remodelers

4 min read Learn why SEO, high quality images and PPC are three important marketing tactics for remodelers. As a remodeler, you are essentially bringing a home back to life. You take what was either a dated home or abandoned fixer upper and transforming it to become your masterpiece. After the project is complete, you

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7 Proven Steps for Effective PPC Campaigns (for Home Builders & Developers)

3-min 30 sec read In this article, you’ll learn tried and true steps for PPC and how you can use this powerful marketing strategy to your advantage. To begin, pay-per-click or PPC advertising has been established as a results-driven tactic. More recently, it has become a major focus for many home building companies and developers

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5 Benefits of PPC for Home Builders & Developers [Why Partake in PPC?]

Text sign showing Ppc Ad Target. Conceptual photo Pay per click advertising marketing strategies online campaign Brick Wall art like Graffiti motivational call written on the wall.

4-min read In this article, you’ll learn the proven advantages of adding PPC campaigns to your current marketing strategy.  Continue reading to know the top benefits of PPC. Let’s begin by defining PPC and why you should use it. PPC is short for pay-per-click and in essence, your company pays Google or other search engines

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Home Builder & Developer Landing Page [How to Create the Perfect One]

4 min 30 sec read  Learn the definition and steps it takes to create a converting, perfect home builder landing page. Do you want more prospects to convert from browser to buyer on your website? Of course, you do! Building an optimal home builder landing page can maximize conversion rates and give you more opportunities

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PPC vs. SEO [What’s the Best Strategy for Home Builder/Developer Marketing?]


4 min and 30 sec read In this article, you’ll learn the definitions of SEO and PPC as well as their pros and cons. You’re an expert in creating and building beautiful homes, not in strategic marketing. Let me educate you about the similarities and differences between these two very mainstream marketing tactics for advertising:

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