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The Benefits of Website SEO for Your Business

website SEO for Home Builders

When you’re busy growing your business, it’s common for digital marketing to slip down to the bottom of your to-do list. It’s kind of like cleaning your oven. You know it’s essential, but you’ve got other stuff to get done first.

So when you are busy but still need to handle your online marketing, what’s the most effective strategy for your business?

Well, the answer for you must be organic SEO. And if you want to know why, read through these benefits of website SEO and why this is one digital marketing strategy you must put at the top of your priority list.

High-Quality Traffic

When checking Google Analytics, it’s tempting to focus on the number of page impressions you are getting each day as a measure of how well your site is performing.

But what matters to a real estate business isn’t thousands of clicks, but high quality, relevant traffic.

And that’s where a good SEO strategy comes in. Spend time doing thorough keyword research to help target the right customer to attract the most relevant clicks.

That strategy is not only good for your business. It will also help you win more kudos from Google, who’ll see that when traffic arrives on your site, they enjoy it. You have a low bounce rate and high page impressions per visit.

So think of SEO as a strategy to attract quality over quantity when it comes to website traffic. But to get there, make sure you first know who you are targeting and the most relevant keywords to go for.

Long Term High ROI

Many business owners can find SEO a little frustrating, and it’s easy to understand why.

After all, it takes a lot of effort to create high-quality content, target it for a particular keyword, and work on getting that article to rank on the first page of Google.

So why do so business owners spend time on SEO if it seems like such a challenge? Why not simply advertise instead?

The answer is this. Google is the long game. Yes, it may take time to rank for a particular keyword on Google. But once you’re there, you have the potential to get traffic from that keyword for months, even years.

Think about the potential ROI of that strategy. You write one piece of content, do the work to rank for that content and get traffic for an indefinite time after it starts to rank on Google. That’s a good return on your initial investment.

Rank Higher Than Your Competitors

According to Brian Dean at Backlinko, the top Google result gets ten times the traffic as the 10th result on a search result page.

So imagine for a minute that your biggest local competitor is ranking number one, and you are ranking number 10. In terms of SEO benefits, who is winning?

That’s going to have a significant impact on your business. Not only is your competitor getting more leads than you, but people aren’t discovering your company because they find out about your competitor first.

That’s why competitor analysis is such a central aspect of good SEO. Take the time to see what keywords your competitor is ranking for, what backlinks they have, and what content they are publishing.

At that point, your priority should be creating more relevant content for that keyword. Aim to get the same or backlinks from high Domain Authorities, so you can get ahead of them in the rankings and snap up those leads.

Low Up-Front Investment

We’ve discussed the great ROI you get from SEO, but what about your upfront costs? Well, if you are on a strict marketing budget, SEO is the ideal marketing choice.

While it may take time and effort to get quality content written and published, it isn’t an expensive financial outlay in the same way PPC advertising is.

That reduces your risk too. Imagine spending thousands of dollars on a failed advertising campaign. If you are a small business, that can hit you hard.

But if your SEO isn’t going well, you haven’t lost out. You simply need to tweak your strategy to improve your organic search rankings, and you haven’t wasted any of the time and effort you’ve already put in.

A Credible and Trusted Brand

Customers trust Google. That’s why people use Google day in, day out. So it stands to reason that they will also place a lot of trust in a business that Google ranks highly.

Trust is one of the most significant barriers to winning business and leads on the internet. You aren’t talking to customers face to face, and relationships are done via the written word, video, or podcasts.

With millions of people and businesses connecting over the internet, how do you win trust? The easiest and quickest way is to get a recommendation from a business that already has credibility.

That’s what you are achieving when you get a number one rank for your chosen keyword. Customers will implicitly trust you as an authentic, credible business because you are right at the top of that list.

The Longevity of Search Engines

Plenty of online marketing techniques fall into the category of short-term fads. Think about how effective Facebook pages were years ago before the social media giant decided to start charging businesses to reach their fans.

Will Google disappear in the future? It’s not impossible, but it’s improbable. And if you are investing time and effort into getting your website ranking highly in Google, that’s good news.

It’s tempting to follow the latest trend in online marketing, especially the newest social media platforms that are allowing businesses to reach millions in a short space of time.

But if you want a business with longevity, you need to focus your time and effort on a marketing strategy that also has longevity. And there is no better choice than organic SEO.

Website SEO Is a Wise Business Strategy

There might be plenty of ways you can market your business, but it’s hard to deny that website SEO will give you the best bang for your buck.

It will not only help you get visible now, but it will also support your long-term business growth.

Are you ready to take the next step with your business marketing? Contact us now to get your marketing assessment.

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