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Domain Authority: 5 Strategies for Home Builders & Developers

domain authority (DA) representing Strategies for Growing DA
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Learn what Domain Authority is and techniques for growing the credibility of your website.

Do you know what Domain Authority (DA) is? Your website’s DA Score gives you an idea of how well your website is placed in search engines. In this article, you’ll learn more about the full definition of DA. Plus, some of the best strategies you can implement for increasing and growing DA Score of your home builder or developer website.

Keep in mind that increasing your DA is similar to trying to increase your SEO ranking, it takes time. Domain Authority is an important metric that helps you determine the success of your SEO strategy and how close you are to that coveted top spot in Google. In other words, the top-ranking websites have the best DA Scores.

While marketers across the board take a variety of factors into account to calculate the final score of a website’s DA, two main factors contribute to a better score: quantity and quality of incoming links from other websites.


Definition of Domain Authority:

The full definition of Domain Authority (DA) is a score on a 100-point scale that measures how well your site will be rated in Google’s SERP, search engine results page. It gives you the ability to reach values from 0 to 100 (the higher, the better) to predict the ranking of your website.

DA is a forward-looking ranking system developed by Moz that home builders and developers can refer to when building their website’s SEO program. It’s now the industry standard for SEO marketers and is currently being used across the world in countries such as the US, UK, Australia, and many more.

Domain Authority is a way to measure your SEO progress and compare it with competitors’ websites. The higher you rank, which can lead to improved domain results, the better your chances of attracting high-quality web traffic and positioning higher in the search results.


5 Strategies for Growing DA:

If you’re a home builder or developer and want to improve your DA Score, let me help you with a few tips and tricks to help rank your website better in the search results.


1. Gain more backlinks from high-authority websites

There are several strategies to gain more backlinks from high-authority websites. For home builders and developers, you can create free and valuable resources to publish on your website. These can be in the form of a blog post,eBooks, case studies, whitepapers, or videos. Create this type of high-quality content with the goal of high-authority websites linking back to your content.

Let’s put backlinks into perspective. People surf the web all the time and can find extremely useful and important data in a matter of seconds. While everyone is trying to create the best content for their target audience, only a few content creators/bloggers can be considered the best. By producing high-quality information, it can fuel your fire to becoming one of the best.


2. Grow your Public Relations (PR) for Growing DA

PR’s goal is to cultivate a positive reputation with the public through various unpaid or earned communications, including traditional media, social media, and in-person engagements. As a home builder or developer, I recommend growing your PR by promoting your recent home awards to paid media outlets or possibly diving into a paid social media campaign on Facebook.

If you’re a successful home builder, you probably have won awards in the past from either Parade of Homes or the National Home Builder’s Association. Well, no one will know you won those awards without promotional techniques. Write a press release on your specific award with more information about your company to grow your PR.


3. Fill in your content gaps as a strategy for growing DA

Like most home builders and developers, you probably have a blog on your website. To fill your content gaps, you must create content for your blog that other home builder bloggers missed. The goal of this strategy is to provide information buyers are looking for that they can’t find anywhere else.

Be the resource that prospects and potential homebuyers can turn to when they are making difficult decisions about homebuying. To fill in the content gaps on your own website, complete a content analysis on your blog compared to your competitors. You can also track the incoming traffic of your blog with Google Analytics to learn which posts are gaining the most traffic.

Once you know which blog articles are gaining the most organic traffic, write more content to emphasize a specific point found in the successful article. Another option is to write a part II or create a sequence of articles all referencing back to the original article with the most traffic. Plus, this gives you another opportunity to internally link keywords.


4. Create infographics with trending home-related topics

This strategy partly piggybacks the first strategy – which is to create more resources. If you can harness visual marketing by creating and promoting relevant infographics for your home building/development company, then you can build a high engagement rate. In fact, 32% of marketers say visuals are the most important form of content.

You can then use these infographics to post on your website, social media, email campaigns, direct mail, and much more. And if your infographics or visual aids are created professionally with high-quality content, then other high authority websites may give you a backlink.


5. Fix all broken links found on your website

This tip is good not only for DA but also for SEO in general. Broken links are dead links that link to nowhere. When you scan your website for broken links, be sure to link internally to another one of your website pages. You can scan for Dead Links by going to the Dead Link Checker here.

We showcase on our website as an example:


Thankfully, we have no broken links on our website. However, we encourage you to enter your own website URL to scan for broken links for growing DA. Once you know which links need repairing, then you can replace the URL with the updated one to fix the problem.

These five steps are only a few to get you started with ramping up your website’s DA Score. Adding useful, high-quality resources on your website, growing your PR, filling in content gaps, and fixing all of the broken links are sure to raise your DA Score over time.

Do you have any questions about strategies for growing your DA, Domain Authority? If so, comment below!


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