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How Builders & Developers Can Benefit from Repurposing Content [4 Do’s & Don’ts]

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The do’s and don’ts about content creation and repurposing content for home builders.

This article will cover how to incorporate repurposing content for new markets. Do you feel constantly overwhelmed by trying to produce new and relevant content to your audiences? This task can be daunting, to say the least. After all, according to HubSpot, the biggest content marketing challenge is producing engaging content. The next biggest challenge is producing enough content. Let me explain how you can overcome these obstacles!

Did you know you can use existing content to help keep your content marketing strategy going strong? Adjusting content to fit the needs of new markets can still be engaging. In addition, if you have plenty of older content, you have more options to choose from. Let’s touch base on the do’s and don’ts on how you can repurpose your older content for new markets as a homebuilder.


Do’s and Dont’s of Repurposing Content:


Do: Ensure the content is up to date

Even though the bulk of your content can be reused, some cannot. When deciding if the content is still relevant, consider the date of the original article or piece, the technology mentioned, and relevancy it has to your current market. You can certainly adjust the copy to wherever you see fit, however, you can’t recommend outdated strategies.


Don’t: Cut corners

You might think it’s smart to simply copy and paste paragraphs from your older content into your newer content, but it’s not that easy. Your audience will notice your cutting corners. Therefore, this strategy has the potential to harm your brand’s reputation. Refreshing older content to fit the market is certainly time saving, but it should never be overused or done without proper planning.


Do: Take advantage of several networks

You can frequently find some great, solid content to repurpose for social media. When you are going through your old content, you will probably come across snippets to use here and there for your home builder social media strategy. Most social media posts are short and sweet, so you can take advantage of these snippets to reinforce your social platforms.


Don’t: Put limits on repurposing home builder content

The last thing you want is to confine your repurposed content to a singular platform. Use the qualified, repurposed content to expand upon all types of networks. For instance, use it to fuel your print ads, website copy or even let it be your idea generator for new material. For example, use your original piece as a baseline to develop blog articles that can lead to more website traffic and blog readers to your site.


Do: Keep in mind the year of the older piece

 If you really like one of your older pieces and want to incorporate the content into a newer article, go for it! However, be sure to replace outdated statistics, dates, and only provide your target audience with current, accurate information. Even just a few years in the home building industry can be the world’s difference in being relevant to your buyers.


Don’t: Throw away old data

Old data is anything but useless. It can actually be extremely beneficial for you and your home builder firm to determine areas of weakness. In fact, a great content creation tip is to compare and contrast the “old” data with the “new” data. That way your market can see how much you have improved as a home builder in a given area or subject.


Do: Run with company-client relationships

Not everyone is an expert in home builder marketing. That’s what I am here for. Be sure to always check up on client’s comments about your social media posts, blogs, or even videos. They might even have a great idea or follow up questions to help power your content creation strategy. Plus, building strong company-client relationships is highly beneficial.


Don’t: Ignore your audience

This one is a given, but you would be surprised the number of home builders who are too focused on their day-to-day tasks and don’t take time to listen to their buyers and their needs. Your target audience is the ones who are reading your content, listening to what you have to say, and are watching your videos. Ensure you listen when they provide feedback, or they may stop following your brand.

These are important do’s and don’ts when you are considering repurposing content for new markets. You should also consider the quality of each written piece before you decide to repurpose it. Remember quality over quantity when it comes to producing marketing copy.


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