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COVID-19 from TBBA: 10 Impacts on the Housing Market

10-min read   Learn how Coronavirus is shaping our world, United States and the Greater Tampa Bay Area.   Recently, I sat in on a webinar from the Tampa Bay Builders Association (TBBA) to discuss the local, national and world impacts from the Coronavirus (COVID-19). In this article, you’ll learn how it influences the different

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Top 5 Social Media Stats for 2020: What it Means for Home Builder & Developers

5 Social Media Stats for 2020

7 min read   Learn the top 5 social media stats for 2020 and what it means for you and your marketing.   Back when social media was just starting to become a trend, I thought it was a phase and the hype wouldn’t last too long for consumers. However, I was mistaken. Social media

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Yearly Email Marketing Trends Recap (For Home Builders)

Email Marketing Trends for home builders

3-min read   Learn important email marketing trends data from this year and strategies to help you with your strategy.   I am still learning new tactics even with over 25 years of experience. In this article, you’ll learn many email-related benchmark reports and what they mean for you as a home builder. Continue reading

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Driving Single-Family Housing [Factors & Strategies for Home Builders]

Driving Single-Family Housing - Shot of a family of four viewing their new home together

3 min and 30 sec read   In this article you will learn how job growth and low mortgage rates can impact your business for the better.   As a home builder, you know the importance of staying up to date with the current trends of your market. You also know how unpredictable the housing

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