TRENDING: 10 FAQs About Home Builder & Developer Strategies Under COVID-19

Clean Air in Homes: Why Home Builders & Developers Need to Prioritize It

clean air in homes

5-min read Learn six ways why you should educate your homebuyers on the importance of clean air in homes. It’s no question that COVID-19 has taken its toll on all of our lives, our businesses, and even in our homes. As we move forward and progress away from this global pandemic, clean air inside the

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Why Call Tracking Matters for Home Builders & Developers (6 Benefits)

people analyzing calls representing why call tracking matters

4 mins and 30 sec read Learn why call tracking matters and how it helps your marketing, SEO, ROI and reporting. Living in this digital age, everyone has a smartphone in their pocket. It’s simply the easiest way to communicate directly to a business about a product or service. In fact, 65% of people prefer

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