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AI Email Marketing Campaigns: for Home Builders & Developers (Part 1)

AI Email Marketing Campaigns

4-min read Learn what AI can do for your email marketing campaigns to help improve your open and click rates for all messages.   If you’re like most home builders and developers, then you probably send out an email or newsletter to your target audience on a regular basis. You probably have a template you

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Artificial Intelligence’s 8 Impacts (for Home Builders & Developers)

AI(Artificial Intelligence) concept. deep learning representing AI is Impacting Home Builders

5-min read Learn how AI is impacting home builders and changing the way all businesses operate.   When you think about Artificial Intelligence (AI), it’s more than just your Amazon Alexa, Siri or smart speaker. Experts say that it’ll become more and more prominent in your everyday life. In this article, you’ll learn how AI

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Welcome to the Future (5 AI Advancements for Home Builders & Developers)

AI, Artificial Intelligence

5-min read   In this article, you’ll learn how AI advancements for home builders can make your life easier both with construction and marketing.   Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been around since the 1950’s when an English Mathematical Genius named Alan Turing published “Computing Machinery and Intelligence”. AI, as the term, was then coined by

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Artificial Intelligence [4 Basics for Marketing as Home Builders & Developers]

AI (artificial intelligence) concept.

4 min read The benefits of incorporating Artificial Intelligence for home builders.   Do you know very much about Artificial Intelligence (AI) marketing? Well lucky for you, you have come to the right place. By the end of this article, you’ll learn how AI works and how you can apply it to your marketing strategies to

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5 Artificial Intelligence Myths & Debunks (for Home Builder & Developer Marketing)

Artificial Intelligence myths - A group of businesspeople stand in the shadow of the large letters, "AI" which stand for artificial intelligence. They are concerned and unsure about the unknown implications of the rollout of artificial intelligence on our society.

4 min read Most common Artificial Intelligence myths and solutions for home builder marketing.   Artificial Intelligence (AI) is more than your family’s Alexa or speech recognition in your phone or car. Many people think AI marketing is too new and therefore fail to realize it’s true potential. In reality, AI is reshaping marketing and

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How Artificial Intelligence (AI) Can Advance Your Home Builder & Developer Marketing

A rear view of a man standing with his hand on top of his head as he stands below the large letters, "AI" which stand for artificial intelligence. He is concerned about the unknown implications of the rollout of artificial intelligence on our society. AI

4 min 30 sec read   Take a chance with AI to understand the true benefits of what it has to offer to your business.   For beginners, Artificial Intelligence or commonly referred to as AI is a broad branch of computer science used to create machine-like systems to function intelligently and independently. Just like

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How Artificial Intelligence Can Help with Home Builders & Developers

Artificial intelligence can - AI (Artificial Intelligence) concept.

4 min read Artificial Intelligence can help make your builder and developer businesses grow.   When most people think of Artificial Intelligence (AI) they probably think about their Amazon’s Alexa, self-driving cars or Apple’s Siri. However, AI can help be used for many other functions, including marketing and construction. Home builders and developers can incorporate

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