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Artificial Intelligence [4 Basics for Marketing as Home Builders & Developers]

AI (artificial intelligence) concept.
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The benefits of incorporating Artificial Intelligence for home builders.

Do you know very much about Artificial Intelligence (AI) marketing? Well lucky for you, you have come to the right place. By the end of this article, you’ll learn how AI works and how you can apply it to your marketing strategies to grow your home builder business.

For starters, AI is everywhere and not just the villain in those thrilling sci-fi movies you watch with your family and friends. AI is your Netflix or Amazon suggestions. It’s the feature on your smartphone which recognizes your face. It’s also in Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa technologies.

Even though AI can incorporate in your everyday life, not understanding how it works can hinder your home builder marketing strategies. AI marketing is a new and exciting technology to help advance many businesses. It’s critical to understand what AI can do for your business to truly take advantage of its features. AI can do a lot more than you think.

Knowing the basics about AI is especially useful in a consumer-driven market. The U.S. is home to millions of growing businesses and the last thing you want is to have your home builder business fall behind due to lack of knowledge or hesitation about AI. Above all, the best thing you can do is learn more about it and how it can benefit you.


Definition of Artificial Intelligence

AI might seem confusing for you if you’re not tech-savvy and I don’t blame you. Here is the definition: a subfield of computer science aimed at the development of computers capable of doing things that are normally done by people– things which require people to act intelligently. To put it simply, AI is a computer system which is able to think like a human and interact with consumers.

An AI system uses three major components of human reasoning which are assessing, inferring, and predicting. These intelligent systems are built on a foundation of processes which are understandable to the average human. AI is the application of building algorithms powered by data, scale, and processing power.

So, what does that mean exactly? It means AI collects data from experience to create algorithms. In order for AI to work properly for home builders, you must input masses of data into it. This allows it to learn patterns at a rate faster than any human could and develop keen insights for your company.

Now that you understand the technical definition of AI, here are four ways how you can use it in your home builders marketing efforts:


1. Artificial Intelligence can help with branding and rebranding

According to the Harvard Business Review, AI is expected to lead companies in the coming years. In fact, many businesses plan to implement AI technology across an array of tasks and practices. AI can create an individual personality to reinforce your company’s brand to your target market.

AI takes away the human-led bias and replaces it with numbers and results. It can perform a full digital transformation for your home builder business by learning the firm’s strengths and weaknesses. One example is that AI can test different subject lines and call to action statements. This determines the best possible marketing strategy for your firm.


2. Artificial Intelligence can gain consumer insights on your behalf 

Not all companies think their consumers fully understand their brand – AI helps close this gap through data analytics. One of the many examples of an AI data analytics model is social media. Did you know AI can deeply analyze consumer opinions, trends, and patterns on social media faster than any human can?

There are many AI social media tools you can apply to your business strategy and one of them is called Netbase. Netbase is an award-winning social media analytics platform used by companies all over the world. It works by processing millions of social media posts daily for marketing research, sales, and customer service.


3. Artificial Intelligence can create powerful solutions  

You know the saying, work smarter, not harder. Home builders can create smarter ads with the help of the AI consumer insights. AI not only identifies potential clients or buyers, but it can also deliver the ideal content that is most relevant to your target audience on the individual level.

Personalized targeting is one of the most effective ways to capture the attention of your potential buyers. Rather than creating generic ads that don’t connect to everyone in your audience, AI bots can provide highly curated content to help your business speak to your consumers in a highly effective manner.


4. Artificial Intelligence can predict the future

AI uses predictive analysis to determine which products your consumers will gravitate towards next. The goal of AI is to not only to anticipate which products are going to be desired next, but it can also perform predictive analysis to determine problems before they happen. It’s like your own future-telling technology for your business.

AI not only has precognitive abilities, but it can also accurately predict fraud detection and online hacking. Companies in all industries face the risk of cyber-attacks and online hacking on a daily basis. But thanks to AI, you can identify this risk sooner than later and can potentially save your business from an economic disaster.

The most productive companies in the world who have incorporated AI technologies have experienced a significant increase in revenue, and sales. Isn’t it time your business joined these companies by considering ipmlementing AI and giving it a chance. Start small at first and have your business grow right with the newest AI technology.


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