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How Artificial Intelligence (AI) Can Advance Your Home Builder & Developer Marketing

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Take a chance with AI to understand the true benefits of what it has to offer to your business.

For beginners, Artificial Intelligence or commonly referred to as AI is a broad branch of computer science used to create machine-like systems to function intelligently and independently. Just like humans, AI technology uses deep learning to recognize patterns in data, solve complex problems, and even generate creative ideas.

“AI has been an integral part of SAS (Statistical Analysis System) software for years. Today we help customers in every industry capitalize on advancements in AI, and we’ll continue embedding AI technologies like machine learning and deep learning in solutions across the SAS portfolio”, says CEO of SAS Jim Goodnight.

So, how does AI work? AI works in two ways – data based and symbolic based learning. Like all businesses who want to take advantage of AI, home builders must input masses of data into AI for it to learn. AI requires as much data as possible to recognize potential patterns to help you reach your business goals.

The easiest way to think about AI is to think about it as a human brain. Humans can understand around three to four dimensions of patterns. For example, your business can plot sales trends on a graph and analyze it from experience. AI, on the other hand, can generate up to hundreds of thousands of patterns and help explain why trends are happening to offer much greater insights in less time.


1. AI can use classifications and predictions

It can help classify groups of the home builder market in your area. For instance, it can assign different demographics to help your business to determine the different sectors of the market. Your business can then use this data to directly target groups of potential buyers with personalized campaigns.

Not only can AI help with classifying groups of the home builder market, but it can also help your business with predictions. It can make predictions such as how likely a client is going to switch over to a competitor. AI can predict maintenance updates and building system controls so your company can see what trends may lie ahead.


2. It can detect faults

All humans make mistakes, and home builder businesses make mistakes too. AI makes it possible for machines to learn from experience, adjust to new inputs, and perform human-like tasks. In addition, it can accurately detect a fault in a business model or project to limit many mistakes which can potentially save valuable time and money for your company.

Here’s how AI can detect faults in your home building business: An AI-based approach uses historical data to predict future energy use constraints in both residential and commercial properties. This can result in improving the accuracy of energy efficient techniques in all aspects of the home building market thereby helping you avoid costly mistakes that may not have been predicted otherwise.


3. Chatbots

Have you ever been to a website where a small box pops up and asks if you were like to speak with someone live? That is likely an AI chatbot. All businesses get asked the same questions over and over by the market. Chatbots provide a list of answers to commonly asked questions then generates an appropriate reply to the consumer in a timely manner, providing your potential buyers with a positive user experience.

There is more to love about Chatbots than simply not having to answer the same questions over and over however. Chatbots allow companies to save time and money on customer service practices too. Another plus to Chatbots is they’re available 24/7 so no matter the time of the day, your client’s question will be answered promptly.


4. AI improves company-client relationship building  

AI can personalize every customer interaction by tailoring its messaging and imagery to work well with multiple groups of people. Through the AI-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, home builders can manage client data more accurately and efficiently.

CRMs can help your business by taking client data and transforming it into audience insights. This will provide your firm with the latest client information and easily updated records. Other common tasks include tracking phone calls, emails, meetings, adding notes, scheduling follow-ups and organizing the next steps you can take with a client.


5. Maintains property management

Do you ever feel worn out by constantly managing your property or properties? AI can be the perfect property management tool to remove some of the daily stressors out of your work week. It maintains property management by predicting when certain maintenance systems need updating, by keeping track of home building trends, and by adjusting your rates accordingly.

AI’s property management tools might just be exactly what your company is missing. Other environment-friendly management strategies it can implement include adding smart LED lights and self-programming thermostats in residential and commercial properties. With AI taking control of these tasks, it will give your business more time to make sales.


6. Virtual Reality

You have seen them before – those Virtual Reality (VR) headsets – attached to the heads of consumers. VR is a form of Artificial Intelligence which can assist with visualizing projects for home builders. VR’s usage can range from large scale projects such as an entire city, to even the smallest 3D tours of inside one of the rooms in an apartment building.

VR doesn’t just stop at visualizing residential and commercial properties, it can also analyze traffic patterns with living models. VR allows you to experiment with heavy traffic patterns to determine the best possible solutions. From start to finish, VR can use simulation systems, sequencing options, and make videos as a model byproduct for home builders.


7. AI revamps traffic concerns  

If you live in a large city, you are fully aware of how many lane closures, traffic accidents, and construction add-ons can be on the road. VR and AI can help better analyze traffic patterns by studying the current infrastructure data. Such as the city’s traffic sensors and street cameras. Then AI can use this data to create unique solutions to solve many of the congestion issues.

Better things are coming to traffic control. In fact, many cities are currently involved with WayCare technology to increase a city’s travel efficiency. WayCare is an Artificial Intelligence controlled technical assistance innovation agent. It has the hopes of better improving traffic patterns and reducing congestion.

The future is now, and technology is only going to improve across all industries. Don’t be the last ones to convert this newest technology, the options and benefits are endless.


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