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AI Email Marketing Campaigns: for Home Builders & Developers (Part 1)

AI Email Marketing Campaigns
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Learn what AI can do for your email marketing campaigns to help improve your open and click rates for all messages.

If you’re like most home builders and developers, then you probably send out an email or newsletter to your target audience on a regular basis. You probably have a template you follow to switch out the content depending on what aspects of your company you want to promote. You spend a great deal of time organizing not only your email, but also your lists, content and click-through data. Continue reading about AI-powered emails…

In this first article, you’ll learn how you can use AI with your email marketing campaigns. By doing so, you’ll be able to decrease the time spent on emails while simultaneously improving your open and click through rates. So, how is this possible? Through Artificial Intelligence, or commonly referred to as AI.


Why Use AI for emails?

You should consider using AI for your email marketing campaigns because it can personalize every email you send to each prospect. Just as each one of your buyers is unique, each email you send them can be different too.

Personalization is not just “Hi (insert prospect’s name here)”, it’s much more than that. When you think of AI-powered personalization, consider your Netflix recommendations or even your Spotify playlists. Both Netflix and Spotify, for example, take advantage of AI’s capabilities to align your interest with what you find relevant.

AI can do the exact same thing with emails. As a home builder or developer, you can’t just keep bombarding your prospects with new home listings with every email. Some buyers might have just moved, considered renting instead, or might simply not be interested in the homebuying process at this time.


Keep Top of Mind with AI-Powered Emails:

In order to keep top of mind as a homebuilder or developer, you must keep your email content relevant and interesting to your audience. How do you do that consistently? By optimizing your campaigns with the assistance of AI.

Here are some examples to take into consideration: Your client might have just bought a home from you, but what about their furniture? What if they just finished their remodeling project? Then offer some recipes to try in their updated kitchen. Your prospects might be interested in a number of different things, but thankfully AI is on your side to help identify these points of interest.

AI is used in email marketing campaigns to assist you with data driven, repetitive tasks that make predictions. AI makes it possible to send custom emails at the best times for the recipient to open it. The way AI does this is by learned behavior. If your audience has a specific time they check their emails, AI will learn that with the first email.

Thanks to this advancing technology, you can stay top of mind even if prospects aren’t ready to purchase.


How AI-Powered Emails Work:

Do you have an email marketing list you send your newsletters to already? Great! You’re already finished with step one. This is because the only thing you need to start with AI-powered emails is an email marketing list. As a home builder or developer, you can obtain this list from your CRM. This list should include all interested homebuyers, past clients, and other relevant customers of your business.

Then the next thing you need is to gather relevant content. I would like to let you know that AI is successful because it curates content from an array of sources and not just from your website. However, you can prioritize your content to appear in all email newsletters first before any other content in the settings.

The content you bring in can be your own plus what you think your buyers are interested in. For example, you can include recipes, places to buy furniture, remodeling tips and anything else which might spark your audience’s interest. Then AI takes it from there. An example tool to consider is called


AI’s Role in Emails:

AI pushes the content to your audience based on learned behavior. In other words, the more your audience interacts with your emails and newsletters, the better AI is at learning their preferences and interests. This also means that over time, not only will your audience become more interested in your newsletters, but also, you will increase your open rates.

Now you might ask to yourself, “Why would I want to send other people’s content to MY buyers?” That’s a very valid question, don’t get me wrong. But consider that they’re going to locate their desired content regardless. You might as well be that source for them while also getting creating this opportunity to stay on top of mind.

Think of it like this: When you give your audience only your content, you are limiting yourself on what they could be interested in. With AI knowledge, at least you can learn more about their many interests and buying behaviors. Then you can use this new information in your marketing efforts, content marketing strategy, keywords and more.


What are the Benefits of AI-Powered Emails:

As a home builder or developer, you should consider using AI for your emails because it can automate your custom email newsletters for you. While it might take a few months to learn the platform and manage the activities, after it is set up to your needs, AI automates it from there.

You might think it’ll take a while for AI to start the learning process for each person on your email marketing list, but you might be pleasantly surprised. AI starts learning about each recipient’s interests from the very first email you send. The more you can get your audience to interact with your emails, the more relevant the content will be.

Consider AI because you will have increased open and click-through rates. Previous clients of AI-powered email platforms shared that they’re open rate are an impressing 40.4% with AI knowledge. Click rates were almost five times better than without AI integration. If you need help in improving your email marketing, then you should definitely consider using AI.


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