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How Artificial Intelligence Can Help with Home Builders & Developers

Artificial intelligence can - AI (Artificial Intelligence) concept.
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Artificial Intelligence can help make your builder and developer businesses grow.

When most people think of Artificial Intelligence (AI) they probably think about their Amazon’s Alexa, self-driving cars or Apple’s Siri. However, AI can help be used for many other functions, including marketing and construction. Home builders and developers can incorporate AI in their marketing and construction efforts to impact growth in business and employee retention.

The benefits of AI include improving efficiency in the workplace, solving complex problems, and even freeing up your time. Many businesses use AI-related machines or bots and other technologies today so they can use their time more wisely. AI can handle the tedious and tiresome tasks you face on a daily basis so you can have more time to make sales and meet potential clients.

AI can also work for marketing purposes by creating a more personalized experience for the client, creating endless content, predicting business outcomes, and much more. But before I dive into all of the AI marketing and development advantages for your home builder or development firm, you must understand how AI works.


How Artificial Intelligence works

Founded as an academic discipline in 1956, AI is a broad computer science field with many purposes in countless different industries, not just for builders. AI works just like a human mind – it learns from the past. It needs extensive data to start the deep learning undertaking. For the best outcomes of AI, the instructor must insert as much data as possible.

AI demonstrates the behavior of human intelligence by planning, learning, pattern recognition and creativity. It’s expected that AI becomes less data-hungry in the future as it learns more and more about problem-solving. There are two types of learning AI machines can perform supervised learning and unsupervised learning.

Both supervised and unsupervised forms of learning are set algorithms controlled by the AI programmer. What makes them different is supervised learning is the more common learning process. Supervised learning maps input to the desired output during training pairings. During this type of learning, the programmer has control of the trained pairings.

Unsupervised learning, however, is more complex and leaves it up to the AI machine. Although this type of learning leaves the AI machine problem-blind, it has the ability to solve problems without human assistance.


Now that you understand AI a little better, here is how you can apply it your specific builder business:


Autonomous media buying

Most pay-per-click advertising is monitored by an in-house team, ad agency or another human-run business, but AI have developed another approach. AI can provide a service called autonomous media buying. This is when AI performs digital media buying for you with little to no human supervision.

Autonomous media buying works by combining predictive analytics and deep learning. It can not only save your home builder or development business time, but it can also exceed your KPI, key performance indicators. This new method of media buying can also help with fraud and viewability issues. In a nutshell, AI can outperform humans in this role and save your company both time and money


Personalized marketing experience 

As mentioned previously, AI can help make the marketing techniques personal to your target market and audience. AI have developed intelligent algorithms which can display the best content to website visitors. It can also include push notifications to give your target audience the right message at the right time. Everyone is different and AI can determine the best strategies for a wide array of consumers.

Need help with creating or analyzing marketing content? The programmer can create formats for AI bots to follow such as profit and loss summaries. They can also create business reports and sales trends in the real estate market. It can also supply your business with hundreds of content ideas to help you build an even better blog, newsletter, or social media content for your consumers.


AI and construction safety

AI has additional advantages than just making media buying self-sufficiency and providing marketing ideas. It can improve the safety conditions for the construction workers of your business. Even though AI construction is a fledgling technology, it can help ensure every construction worker on your crew can remain safe on the job over time.

Let’s take Suffolk, a Tampa construction company as an example. Suffolk is developing a build smart program which analyzes pictures of their job sites then scans them for safety issues in correlation with accident records. Their mission is to transform the traditional way of how buildings are constructed and be a trailblazer in the home building industry.


AI for cybersecurity

Like all businesses, your home building or developer business has the goal of maximizing its return on investment (ROI). New AI technology can help with that through cybersecurity. AI cybersecurity solutions can reduce the amount of time needed for threat detection and can alert your business of any suspicious activity to avoid major breaches and hacking.

Since many cybersecurity solutions require human intervention, AI can combat these security concerns. Therefore, giving your business more time to use productively. AI uses data, discovery and deployment for its security analytics lifecycle. The first organizations who are incorporating AI for cybersecurity are the IRS and other federal agencies.

To wrap it up, AI not only helps with marketing techniques, but it can also become a necessity when developing projects. Many other home builder businesses and community planners are already using AI in their everyday business models. Staying current with AI and other cutting-edge technologies can make your marketing efforts far more effective and your business more productive.

Whether you use AI for marketing purposes or for constructing residential and commercial properties, your business is actively utilizing the right steps for success. It’s only a matter of time before all businesses will incorporate AI. You don’t want to be the last one to implement this technology.


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