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How to Gain Instagram Followers (as a Home Builder/Developer)

how to gain instagram followers
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In this article, you’ll learn the steps and strategies you can employ to increase your Instagram following.

If you’re like most home builders and developers, then you probably have an Instagram account for your business. You either run it yourself or work with a marketing firm to help you manage your social media profiles. One of the biggest challenges on social media is gaining quality followers who engage with your posts. Continue reading to learn how to gain Instagram followers as a home builder or developer.

You might have some tricks up your sleeve for increasing your followers, but are you gaining quality followers who will interact with your content regularly? Probably not. Let’s take a look at the steps and strategies you can take to gain more engaged followers on your business Instagram account.


How to Gain Instagram Followers:


Step 1: Content

The first step in gaining quality followers is to ensure your content is fresh, relevant and high-quality. This means aligning your business goals with your social media goals. For example, make sure you’re pushing out content which reflects your brand message and positively promotes your business.


Here are some content tips for Instagram:

  • Post only high-quality images or professionally shot photographs.
  • Don’t make the captions too long or too short, the ideal length is between 138-150 characters.
  • Include your business’s hashtag in every post. By doing so, you are generating your own branded content.
  • Tag the location of the image in the post. In fact, this is highly advantageous because posts with a tagged location result in 79% higher engagement than posts without a tagged location.
  • Always allow your audience to comment. (Unless of course, it’s an extremely negative comment or has no relevance to the content posted.) You can adjust your comment preferences within Instagram’s general settings.
  • Be sure your company’s Instagram is a Business Instagram account and not a personal one.
  • Fill out the bio section completely and include your company website.


Step 2: Take note of your current following

How can you know you have made improvements without knowing where you started? The second step in increasing followers is to capture screenshots of your current follower numbers. This will help in comparing month after month as well as for tracking your progress. Refer back to these screenshots periodically to take note of the changes to the increase in your followers.


Step 3: App download and unfollow

Now that you have an optimized Instagram for business profile and have noted your current following base, it’s time to crunch some numbers. The goal here is to download one of the many apps to determine who ‘is not following you back’. It’s best practice on Instagram to reciprocate a follow, so you need to unfollow those who are not following you back.


List of some of the apps which help you determine unfollows:


Step 4: Follow potential prospects

Currently, your following number and follower number should be about equal after step three. However, this step calls for increasing your following number. You should start to follow potential prospects with the hope that they recognize your business and reciprocate the follow.


Strategies you can use to find people on Instagram to follow for your business:

  • Your current clients. Be sure to follow all of your current clients because they might even post or tag your business in content related to their new home, remodeling project or community.
  • Follow anyone who has tagged your business. This applies to those who tag your business’s hashtag, location or included someone from your team in a posted image.
  • Your competitors. You might not think it’s the best idea to follow your competitors but think again. By following your competitors, you can learn what they are up to. It allows you to gain insights into what you can potentially do better and how the housing market is implementing Instagram as part of the marketing strategy.
  • Use the Discover People Instagram feature. Discover People is one of the many features listed under the top right three small lines icon in the Instagram app. It shows the following suggestions and allows you to connect your Instagram profile to your Facebook profile and contacts.
  • Follow all accounts that interact with your business already. This helps build a strong relationship between your builder business and the potential homebuyer.
  • Follow all accounts who are relevant and relatable to your business. For example, follow the contracting company you hire for your projects and your sales team or real estate agents that represent your company.
  • Lastly, follow relevant home building hashtags to keep up with current trends. It’s also best to follow your business hashtag so you can monitor branded content.


Step 5: Wait

You just followed many other Instagram accounts, now it’s time to be patient. Remember that Instagram is a fun, social media platform and not everyone who has an account uses it daily. Since you followed many new users, it takes time for people to recognize a new follower and to reciprocate it. Step 5 calls for being patient and hope they follow you back.


Step 6: Repeat

The last step in how to gain quality Instagram followers as a home builder or developer is to repeat steps three and four. The trick is to continually unfollow non-reciprocators and to follow potential prospects. I recommended repeating these steps in phases.

For example, one week unfollow the users who are not following you back and the next week follow about 100 new accounts. Keep doing this process over and over until you hit your desired Instagram following.

Steps one through six are dedicated solely for gaining quality Instagram followers and cannot be applied to other platforms such as Facebook or Twitter. If you are confused about any of the above steps, leave your questions in the comments below so I can help clarify my tips for you.

How many Instagram followers does your business currently have?


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