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The Benefits of Local SEO for Home Builders, Explained

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In this article, you’ll learn the benefits of local SEO for builders and developers.

Are you a home builder who is trying to attract new clients? You know that you do exceptional work, but how are the people who are looking to purchase a home supposed to find that out? Keep reading to learn all about the benefits of local SEO for homebuilders.

How are they going to find you in fact?

Developing a local SEO strategy for home builders is the answer. When you invest in quality SEO, the customers will follow.

Not sure if it’s worth it? Let’s talk about it.


First: What Is Local SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. This is what allows websites to move up in search engines like Google. If you see a site on the first page of your search (that isn’t an ad), it’s because that site has great SEO. There are several types of SEO that all have their own purposes.

Local SEO is SEO that targets your local area. You can facilitate this by ensuring that your location is correct on the web, creating a Google My Business account, and using location-specific keywords.


Local and Moving Clients

One of the top benefits of improving your local SEO is that you only target clients relevant to your business.

If you’re on the front page of Google for “homebuilders,” that’s great, but it isn’t helpful if you’re not targeting local clients. You don’t need people from far away to see you because they likely are not looking to purchase in your market.

By using your location, not only do you target people nearby, but you also target anyone in need of a new home who’s planning on moving to the area.


Finding Clients First

By coming up high on the search engine results, you will have the opportunity to connect to clients who are still in the early planning stages of their search. They are likely doing research or seeing what’s around before committing to a decision.

These are great potential clients to have. When they notice you before anyone else, your business will stay in the back of their minds.


Establishing Authority

In addition, you’ll also have an easier time establishing yourself as a trusted authority in the field, making you more trustworthy to new clients. Google carefully chooses who ranks well and who does not. Consumers understand that and therefore place greater trust in the listings that are on page one of their searches.

Having a blog that’s SEO optimized helps future clients do their research. They may look for information on how to start the home building process, and through that search, end up on your website. This then leads them to contact your business because you have proven yourself to be an authority on the topic.

You know that you’re an experienced professional home builder or developer. With quality local SEO, your future clients will know that as well.


Don’t Overlook the Benefits of Local SEO

If you’re not taking advantage of the benefits of local SEO, what’s stopping you?

Local SEO is an affordable way to market yourself to your local area. Help new clients find you so you can build them their dream homes.

Are you looking for marketing help for your home building company? We have proven m methods of helping builders like yourself to achieve their goals. Contact us or get your marketing assessment today so we can collaborate to build your busines and increase sales.


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