TRENDING: 10 FAQs About Home Builder & Developer Strategies Under COVID-19

12 Marketing Event Hacks for Home Builders & Developers (Pre, During, and Post Event)

planning a marketing event - overhead view on young business people around wooden desk

4 min 15 sec read A successful home builder event has phases every firm should prioritize. Planning a marketing event for home builders can be tough. You have to pay immense attention to detail, keep up with deadlines, and coordinate a program your attendees will look forward to. It takes a village to plan a

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How to Create a Home Builder or Developer Marketing Event [in 13 Ways]

home builder marketing event - Mid adult leader talking to his colleagues during a business presentation in a board room.

4 min read Check out these 13 tips to set up your home builder marketing event for success. When was the last time you attended a home builder marketing event? Even though planning for an event requires extensive work, your firm might win big. An event can bring in more business, expose your firm to

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Younger Audience [12 Tips for How Home Builders & Developers Can Reach Them]

Young audience happy friends gesturing v-sign while making selfie

4 min read Marketing hacks to capture the attention of a younger, consumer-driven audience. Recent research suggests the average age of the consumer is decreasing and its youthfulness needs to be marketed better. This is a challenge to many home builders because as the age of the market and audience decreases, the cost of living

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Home Builder & Developer Marketing Plan (How to Build One in 5 Steps)

home builder marketing plan - Businessman looking at business plan drawn on blackboard

4 min 30 sec read Learn the steps to build a successful campaign to grow your business. Every home builder business has a marketing plan, but how successful is it? Building one is a time-consuming process. It will require your marketing team to conduct research, define your brand’s goals, build relationships with your clients, while

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