TRENDING: 10 FAQs About Home Builder & Developer Strategies Under COVID-19

Market to Seniors: 9 Tips for Home Builders & Developers

Market to Seniors

5-min read Learn why digital marketing is so important for home builders and developers and the tips to market to seniors. Many seniors are retiring and preparing for a phase in their life where they won’t earn as much as they did before. As a home builder or developer, are you marketing to seniors effectively?

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Multifamily Housing: How is it Affected by COVID-19? (for Builders)

representing multifamily housing impacts from cover-19

4-min read Learn about updates to design, governmental aid, investments and technology to understand the impacts of COVID-19 to multifamily housing. Before COVID-19 multifamily housing was on the rise. In fact, 2019 was the sixth year in a row where multifamily absorption has exceeded 250,000 units. It’s important to note that millennials make up a

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SEO for Builders: 5 Steps for On-Page Optimization for Beginners

SEO for home builders representing on-page optimization

5-min and 30 sec read Learn the five steps and five tips associated with on-page optimization for WordPress sites only. If you are like most home builders and developers, then you have a website and you integrate SEO as a major part of your digital marketing strategy. In this article, you’ll learn the five steps

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26 Important Marketing Term Definitions (for Home Builders & Developers)

Important Marketing Term Definitions

6-min read Learn the definitions of 26 marketing terms to make informed decisions about your strategy. Like most successful home builders and developers, you probably receive a report every month about your marketing performance. Whether your marketing is done in house or with an agency, you should be able to know exactly what the report

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How to Sell Homes Online: 11 Strategies During COVID-19 [Part 2]

how to sell homes online

4-min read Learn some of the very important and interactive ways you can sell a home online. Welcome back to how to sell homes online during COVID-19. In my part-one article, I discussed the importance of SEO and mobile responsiveness. I found that many people are searching for a home with their phones and tablets

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