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6 SEO Questions to Ask a Marketer (for Home Builders & Developers)

4-min read   Learn the right SEO questions to ask an expert here.   SEO, short for Search Engine Optimization, is a powerful digital marketing tool for ranking websites. Its purpose is to rank in the top positions on the Search Engine Results Page, SERP. SEO helps home builders and developers like you, with driving

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Domain Authority: 5 Strategies for Home Builders & Developers

domain authority

4 mins and 30 sec read   Learn what Domain Authority is and techniques for growing the credibility of your website.   Do you know what Domain Authority (DA) is? Your website’s DA Score gives you an idea of how well your website is placed in search engines. In this article, you’ll learn more about

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SEO for Home Builders & Developers: 5 Steps for On-Page Optimization for Beginners

SEO for home builders representing on-page optimization

5-min and 30 sec read   Learn the five steps and five tips associated with on-page optimization for WordPress sites only.   If you are like most home builders and developers, then you have a website and you integrate SEO as a major part of your digital marketing strategy. In this article, you’ll learn the

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SEO Strategies to Sell Homes [10 for Home Builders & Developers]

representing SEO Strategies to Sell Homes

6 min and 30 sec read Learn the SEO strategies to sell homes and every step it takes as well as other digital marketing strategies.   Being a home builder or developer, you likely spend the majority of your time and energy building homes or a community project. With all of your efforts, you want

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Home Builder/Developer Websites: 5 Elements to Strengthen Your SEO

Strengthen Your SEO

5-min read In this article, you’ll learn how your website configuration can alter the course of your SEO marketing efforts.   Did you know your website setup could impact how successful your SEO is? For starters, SEO means Search Engine Optimization and it helps your business gain online traffic and increases conversions. While many homebuilders

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Builder/Developer SEO [3 Reasons Why Google Reviews Impact SEO Ranking]

Google reviews

4 min and 30 sec read Learn the importance of Google reviews, its impact on SEO and how to gain more.   You know as a home builder or developer that it’s best practice to gain quality reviews and testimonials after closing a sale, but did you know just how important reviews can be for

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SEO Checklist for Home Builders & Developers [Part 2 of Successful SEO]

4-min read   In this second article, you’ll learn the rest of the many important SEO checklist items to incorporate for your home building website. Learn successful SEO here.   Welcome back to part two of our SEO Checklist for Home Builders & Developers! In part one, we discussed four crucial SEO techniques for your

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SEO Checklist for Home Builder & Developer Marketing [Part 1 of Successful SEO]

4 min read   In this first article, you’ll learn four crucial SEO checklist techniques for a successful builder site.   Consistently ranking on the first page on the search engine results page (SERP) is not easy. It takes time, accountability and effective search engine optimization (SEO) strategies. Even though being visible and gaining traffic

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Voice Search in Home Builder & Developer Marketing Part 3 (Long Live the King)

voice search in home builder

4 min 30 sec read   In this article, you’ll learn about voice search in home builder marketing and how it’s related to SEO, content creation and voice search for webpages.   We live in a world of online marketing and SEO, there’s an oft-repeated phrase: “Content is King.” Polished, easy to read, and high-quality

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PPC vs. SEO [What’s the Best Strategy for Home Builder/Developer Marketing?]


4 min and 30 sec read   In this article, you’ll learn the definitions of SEO and PPC as well as their pros and cons.   You’re an expert in creating and building beautiful homes, not in strategic marketing. Let me educate you about the similarities and differences between these two very mainstream marketing tactics

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