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Content Marketing for SEO: 4 Benefits for Builders and Developers

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In this article, you’ll learn several benefits to having a better content marketing strategy as a builder or developer.

Content marketing has never been so popular, and if you aren’t perfecting and adjusting your strategy regularly, your content will look dated. Content marketing helps you attract, convert, and retain customers you might not otherwise reach. Continue reading about how to improve your content marketing with benefits for SEO tactics and more about  as a home builder or developer.

While writing this article, I have reviewed an array of concepts and advice from 15 different content marketing experts to give you a comprehensive running start. This guide will help you understand what content marketing is and the benefits of having a strong strategy. Plus, you’ll learn how to hire the right agency partner to assist you.


What is Content Marketing for SEO?

Content marketing is the process of creating and distributing content to attract and retain customers. Essentially, this  means you can increase your revenue/sales and ultimately grow your business with content. My personal approach to content marketing is simple and effective: I create in-depth blogs, articles, and YouTube videos for my home builder and developer clients to support their SEO, (search engine optimization).

The content I create for them will increase website traffic because the target audience are home buyers looking for professional guidance and information about the industry. My team of experts write and publish content on a regular basis for our clients to help fuel their brand exposure and SEO. We publish the articles only when the content is approved by the client.

There are many other content marketing formats that can be used depending on your target audience, resources, and goals. As a homebuilder or developer, your main goal is to sell homes, lots, or other forms of residences such as condominiums. To succeed, you have to align your business goals with your content marketing goals, another term to define this is omni-channel marketing.


4 Content Marketing Benefits for SEO:


  1. Gets Your Brand Discovered

Content marketing is a proven process to make sure home buyers and prospects get to know your business. With content marketing, you can directly address problems they may have and offer information to help them resolve these issues. This homebuying journey usually starts with a simple search on Google or another search engine such as Yahoo! or Bing to locate potential homebuilders or communities.

The content they’re searching for could be a homebuilder company like yours, research on neighborhoods, or even why they should move to the areas where you build. Wouldn’t you want to have the website that informs your prospects on these commonly used search terms? Publish content to your blog that your target audience is searching for to get your brand discovered. By offering them helpful information, you will build trust and an ongoing relationship.


  1. Strengthens & Increases Your Keywords

When homebuyers search for an idea or solution for the second, third or fourth time, they increase their chances of being provided with engaging and trustworthy content. It’s the same on YouTube: if you post on a topic, Google will find the buyer the top 10 most popular posts on that topic, those that most closely match their searches.

Content marketing strengthens and increases your keyword list because you (or your digital marketing agency) are creating niche articles with the focus on one specific keyword or phrase. For example, several of the most popular keyword phrases in the homebuilding industry include “homes for sale”, “communities near me”, or “the benefits of living in (the areas you build)”.


  1. Helps Convert Prospects into Buyers

Content marketing can give you the opportunity to turn prospects into clients. This is achieved by creating content that directly meets the needs of the buyer without them searching for your brand name or competitor directly.

The ultimate goal of content marketing is to increase revenue through sales and grow your business. It’s about more than just writing articles people want to read. Essentially, content marketing gives your home building or developer business an avenue to educate buyers about all things homebuying while simultaneously build rapport with them.


  1. Keeps Existing Buyers Informed for Content Marketing Benefits for SEO

Not only does content marketing help convert prospects into buyers, but it also helps you to keep your existing client base well informed. For example, writing about home building industry trends, places to check out when you move, and other similar topics can help maintain brand loyalty.

Use your content marketing as a living resource to direct your new and existing clientele. Do this by always focusing on solving specific problems and educating your audience. Content marketing can boost results by targeting an established audience, rather than starting from scratch.

Ok, so you might be sold on the idea of perfecting your content marketing strategy but how should you begin? The best advice I can give you is to partner with an experienced content marketer or digital agency. Continue reading to learn how to choose the right team.


How to Develop Content Marketing with an Agency:

The first step in getting a better content marketing strategy is finding the right agency. When searching for a reliable firm, there are some key items to keep in mind:

  • Check their Google Reviews
  • Browse agency directories
  • Ask for specific examples of their content marketing work
  • Ask them any questions you have about SEO and their strategy
  • Interview several firms to help you understand the different approaches and experience
  • Ensure the agency’s goals align with yours

Once you use the above criteria and narrow down a list of your top two to three agencies, I recommend you go a step further. Ask for their references. References provide you with real feedback and insights from the agency’s clients to help you ensure they have a solid reputation.


Lastly, for more resources about content marketing benefits for SEO, read up on these articles:

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