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Home Builder SEO: What Keywords Should You Target?

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Learn variations of keywords for home builder SEO and marketing.

As a home builder, you have more important things to worry about than marketing. But how will you get the word out if you’re not finding ways to reach out to potential customers and clients? In this guide, I have some suggestions for keywords that you can use for home builder SEO and marketing. Keep reading to learn more.

Knowing some basic home builder SEO tips is the answer. You don’t have to be a marketing expert to get a leg up on your competition. With a few marketing tips for home builders, you can get new eyes on your homes over time.

Home Builder SEO Keywords:


Local Keywords

As a home builder, your target audience is often in your local area. You have no interest in traffic from people who aren’t looking for builders in your city or state, just the ones who are potential buyers.

Make sure that you incorporate local keywords. For example, if you’re a builder in Tampa, Florida, you may want to use things like:

  • Tampa homes
  • Builder in Tampa Bay
  • Florida home builder
  • Professional home builder in Tampa

This way, anyone looking up your service will find you based on your usage of good local SEO practices.


Generic Keywords

Many keywords that you use are going to be generic. You need to sprinkle in more specific keywords later (we’ll discuss that next), but beefing up your website and content with generic keywords will help you show up higher on search engine rankings.

For builders, these keywords include:

  • New homes
  • New Builds
  • Home builders
  • New home builders

In short, anything that can describe what you do can fit into this category.


Specific Keywords

Specific keywords are similar to local keywords, but they target specific services rather than areas. Do you offer a unique service that other builders in the area might not? Do you have a specialty?

Examples of these include:

  • Luxury homes
  • Multi-family homes
  • Custom home builders

If you know that something that you provide is unique, including keywords that fit that service will draw in your ideal customers and clients who are seeking out what you can offer them.


Appealing Keywords 

Finally, you want a few appealing keywords that pertain to your business. Try to get inside the minds of your potential clients. If you were them, what would you want?

Make sure that these are all things that you actually offer, not things that are there to lure the customer without fulfilling that promise. For example:

  • Free quotes
  • Free consultations
  • Building promotion
  • Affordable home builders

These are things that draw the customer’s eye and show up when they’re looking for ways to save money on a building service, even if it’s not how they anticipated it.


Is Your Home Builder SEO Up to Par? 

Figuring out your home builder SEO is easy if you know the right tips and tricks and keywords are part of the SEO process that helps potential customers more easily locate you. They’re there to provide an easy way to find your target audience. When you use them properly, you’ll see the desired results you want over time.

If you’re a home builder who needs a quick refresher on marketing for your business, we want to help you.

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