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Social Media Tips for Home Builders

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In this article, you’ll learn the top social media marketing tips to use as a homebuilder or developer.

Social media marketing is a critical skill for home builders and developers to add to their digital marketing arsenal. Continue reading to learn social media tips for home builders and community developers.

Consumers in our society spend a lot of time online, and the things they see greatly impact their shopping and buying habits. House hunting in a pandemic is not a barrier—it’s actually an opportunity for digital house tours and other online marketing tactics that can help you to sell homes under any circumstances.

So, you’ve built a lot of stunning houses that should be gaining more traction in your target market, yet the interest level is sluggish. It sounds like you could benefit from social media tips that will bump your homes to the top of your local listings!

Read on to improve the impact of your homes and sales.

Give Free Advice and Communicate on Social Media

How does this benefit my revenue? Free advice pulls consumers in and creates value for them. Try thinking about the consumer’s perspective when buying homes.

You’re the home builder or developer. You know the current trends in materials, layout, and design of contemporary houses in your area. Your consumers have a pretty good idea about all of this, too, so why not trade opinions and preferences while you’re at it?

Whether you’re conducting polls to figure out if your home hunters prefer white or black tile this year or suggesting home designs that regulate the temperature better in your climate, your knowledge is essential. Don’t sell yourself short.


Upload Video Brochures

Photographs are beautiful. However, when shopping for a home, photos can lie and distort the living area. Social media is the perfect outlet for creating a digital marketing strategy that showcases your home’s best angles through tour videos and 3D renderings.

3D renderings of your homes will allow buyers to move around freely in the space. This kind of digital marketing gets people excited about open houses and how they can transform the space.

Pair this experience with descriptions about why you made the architectural choices you did, and people will come to appreciate your homes and business.


Share Customer Testimonials

As home builders and developers, you know how great it feels when a client compliments your homes or community. Other people should know how well you met their needs. Whether you interview clients directly or write their words next to a slideshow of the home in question, this increases interest in your product.

There are many social media tips, but getting support from happy clients is at the top of the list. If you ask the client to promote your brand on their personal platform, this generates traffic to your page. Engage your customers and help them to promote you. It’s organic and authentic.


Highlight Your Work

Give an in-depth analysis to win at social media marketing. Create a multi-post showcase of your latest build from start to finish. Realtors know some details, but they don’t know what went behind the roof’s slope or how you brought your blueprint to reality.

People love behind-the-scenes content, whether it’s coming from the green room of a movie set or the sawdust-laden shell of a house about to go up. Take advantage of that curiosity and let them see through your eyes.


Take These Social Media Tips to Build Your Next Digital Marketing Success

Don’t let the changing playing field of social media intimidate you. Consider partnering with an agency that has a proven reputation for social media if you find you don’t have the time to commit. Either way, social media, done properly can increase your brand’s awareness and boost sales.

The Punch List was created to help you navigate the online world and the opportunities that await you. Our Social Media Calendar blog can assist you in selecting the best time to post our suggestions above. We have an entire collection of social media tips to implement!

In fact, read all about using SEO to benefit your home builder business or community. A digital marketing team can boost your outreach and potential buyers in ways you never imagined.


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