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How to Build a Twitter Home Builder & Developer Marketing Strategy

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All home builders have to create a Twitter-for-business account and implement different campaigns for a successful marketing strategy.

Twitter is more than just sending out tweets, it’s about engaging with your audience. With approximately 262 million international users, it’s the perfect platform to understand the mindset of your customers. Home builders can profit off of Twitter by creating a business account, using hashtags, and increase to engagement with their consumers.

“My goal is to simplify complexity. I just want to build stuff that really simplifies our base human interaction.”-Jack Dorsey, founder of Twitter.

Twitter is different than other social media channels because of its text character limit. In fact, Twitter has a maximum of 280 characters per tweet, with an average Tweet consisting of 33 characters.

Many businesses claim their biggest challenges when it comes to marketing on Twitter are measuring return on investment, building an audience and maintaining engagement rates. But all social media marketing efforts take time to see the impact on the return on investment and to earn credibility with the target audience.


Home builders can help solve these most common Twitter marketing challenges and eventually turn their Twitter presence into success in these three simple ways:


1. Create a Twitter for Business Account 

Creating a Twitter account solely dedicated to home builders is a requirement in this generation for successful marketing. Once you create an account you can use paid advertising, audience analytics and measure the success of your campaign and marketing strategies. Measuring the success of your campaign is the most important step to ultimately improving your sales goals.

Another aspect of running a home builder business account on Twitter is you have to be dedicated to customer service. Clients, potential clients and other Twitter users such as architects and home builders will tweet your business questions. Many users utilize Twitter to take a more conversational approach which helps with building a relationship with the market.

All home builders must have excellent customer service skills and reply to concerns, comments, and questions in a timely manner to satisfy their consumers. JetBlue, for example, has perfected its customer service practice. They have hired professionals who answer every single question tweeted their way. Be more like JetBlue and find greater success.

Be warned, however, your marketing team might come across an angry customer ranting on Twitter. Stay calm, and assess the situation when you reply, and you can instead convert them into brand zealots. You have to keep in mind that anything you tweet can be screenshotted forever. It’s advised to hire a calm and personable social media manager or agency to keep up with all forms of your business social networks to provide the most professional online presence.


2. Use Hashtags

Hashtags expose your content to a wider audience and can help you get more business. In fact, tweets with hashtags have twice the engagement as well as 55% more retweets. Your social media manager will have to plan ahead when deciding which hashtags to use. A tip to planning ahead is by creating  social media calendar a month in advance.

When creating a social media calendar, pull up local events happening near local home builders and their businesses. This will allow for creating more targeted and interesting content for your audience as well as sparking their interest in your tweets. Another tip is to refer back to blog articles from your company’s website. This can help with attracting more readers to the blog and increase your web traffic.

Did you know there are endless hashtags? If you or your marketing team are having trouble with deciding which hashtags to use, some suggestions are to always hashtag your business name or nickname, use days of the week or holidays. There’s an app called ‘Holiday Today’ which lists every holiday imaginable to help you with this process.

When it comes to hashtags, there are some crucial do’s and don’ts. Please take a look at this list to review the do’s and don’ts of using hashtags on Twitter:



  • Do make sure you have the correct hashtags for certain holidays or days of the week. It will be embarrassing if your firm uses #ThrowBackThursday on a Monday’s post.
  • Always use specific, relevant hashtags.
  • Always double check the spelling of hashtags. For instance, Word and other writing platforms will try to add spaces to your hashtag use so keep this in mind when prewriting posts.



  • Don’t make your hashtags longer than the content of the post.
  • Don’t hashtag everything. It will make it hard to read for your audience. Keep it around 3-4 hashtags, never more than 5 per tweet.
  • Don’t make a complex hashtag. Keep it simple.


3. Run Campaigns

Running different campaigns keeps your Twitter audience engagement rate higher and gives life to your account. There are multiple types of campaigns your social media manager or marketing team can choose from:


  • Flock to unlock:

This marketing strategy means your followers have to retweet certain material to have the chance to be compensated by promotional items from home builders.


  • Hashtag rewarding:

Encourage your clients to use your hashtag when tweeting about their content. Then reward them by offering a promotional item or exclusive material.


  • Team up with other accounts:

Retweet relevant material from other accounts who mention home builders. Twitter etiquette is to always follow back and/or retweet when your brand is promoted on other accounts. Create online relationships when possible.


  • Ask questions:

Upload four options of move-in ready homes, offices, retail spaces, or different floor-plan options from your company’s website and ask your audience: “Which one would you choose?”

These different campaigns are a great way to build a relationship with your target audience and help with the most common Twitter marketing challenges. Other home builders have used these common marketing strategies and have seen improvements with building credibility and returns on investment, not to mention sales.

By using these simple techniques together, it will help home builders and your Twitter account gain more exposure. With greater visibility comes leads and eventually you will achieve your sales goals. Never underestimate the power of Twitter and the relationships it offers with your market.


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