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The Top Social Media Platforms That Homebuilders Should Be Using

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In this article, you’ll learn more about the top social media platforms you should be using. These will advance your homebuilder or developer marketing.

Social media is no longer just a fad — it’s an important tool that business owners need to utilize as a part of their overall marketing strategy. This is especially important for homebuilders since you can connect with customers that you’d like to do business with. Continue reading to find out. Here are the social media platforms that you should be using…

When you’re looking to expand your marketing, it pays to find the best social media platforms for your industry. Which platforms will be the most useful to you?

Top Social Media Platforms:


Get Visual on Instagram

Home building is a very visual field. If you’re trying to show off your houses or community, you’ll want to be able to show people examples of homes that you’ve built, whether they are works in progress or completed projects in your portfolio.

Many people that want to build homes spend considerable time visualizing before making their dream a reality. Getting an Instagram account and posting to it regularly can help you stimulate people’s imaginations. It can also help with building a rapport with them.

You should also get up to speed on Instagram to get inspired by other professionals in your field.


Set Up a YouTube Channel

Video offers the most important type of content that you can create today, videos. It’s easy to share videos once you’ve developed them, and people don’t have long attention spans today to read thousands of words of content.

You can also post content each week that gets you plenty of followers. By building an robust YouTube channel, you’ll be able to teach potential buyers about what you have to offer so that you’re in a position to convert this traffic into sales.


Have a Presence on Facebook

Make certain that you are also using Facebook to your advantage. This is one of the forefathers of social media, and also happens to have an older audience than other platforms. Facebook is still one of the most used platforms and offers you the ability to promote events, special offers, as well as different forms of visual media.

Additionally, you’re able to reach more consumers by using paid ads and boosting your posts to a broader audience. Also, Facebook works together with Instagram when you are performing paid ads to offer you even greater potential for your advertising dollars. Facebook ads are also some of the most effective that you’ll find.


Consider Twitter

Twitter is yet another social media platform that you can use. It has been a big part of Web 2.0 growth and is now a publicly-traded company that many people invest in.

By typing short messages and searching for conversations to participate in, you’ll be able to learn key information that will help you in your quest to locate more buyers.

There are also social media consultants can also help you with your social media strategies. This will involve tactics such as mastering hashtags and strategically purchasing Twitter ads.

When developing your social media strategy, consider the age of the audience that uses each of these platforms, since you are primarily marketing to people with a certain income, and who are old enough to purchase homes.


Develop a Plan Using the Best Social Media Platforms

When you have a presence on these social media platforms, you’ll have a much greater chance of growing your company. Plus, it can help with increasing sales. Consider partnering with a proven partner when it comes to social media and other forms of marketing to achieve the best results.

If you’re ready to move forward with social media, contact me to get help with the best real estate marketing strategies available today.


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