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Younger Audience [12 Tips for How Home Builders & Developers Can Reach Them]

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Marketing hacks to capture the attention of a younger, consumer-driven audience.

Recent research suggests the average age of the consumer is decreasing and its youthfulness needs to be marketed better. This is a challenge to many home builders because as the age of the market and audience decreases, the cost of living increases in highly desired locations.

Homes can increase or decrease in value depending on its location. In fact, it’s a national trend for a younger demographic to move to city-like, urban locations. However, not everyone wants to live in the heart of a city. The young demographic is the most diverse and growing demographic there is, so don’t assume all young people want to live in near downtown.

This young population requires specific marketing techniques all home builders need to follow.


Take a look at these 12 ways to capture the attention of the younger audience:


1. Engagement

Firstly, young people love attention. When a brand engages to its audience, it is building a connection to the target market and developing a relationship with the consumer.

Home builders can do this by replying to all concerns, emphasizing the importance of feedback, and communicating to the young market in a timely manner. One-to-one marketing is perhaps the most persuasive marketing opportunity you can offer.


2. Relevancy

Secondly, no one will pay attention to content if it’s not relevant. Home builders can keep their marketing content relevant by staying on top of current trends, educating the consumer, offering solutions to their needs, and providing a compelling call to action statements in your marketing efforts.


3. Be Human

All home builders must earn the trust of the consumer before making a sale. Be honest with the market and don’t simply tell them what they want to hear. Some examples include personalized messaging in the pitch, use GIFs in social media posts, and take responsibility when something doesn’t go as planned.


4. Keep it Social

Everyone has a social media account in this day in age. In fact, not using social media for your business could be a big mistake. Besides posting generic statuses about the real estate market, make it personal by posting interesting content and replying to all commentary.

An example would be to post about local events, festivals or national holidays as well as offering them helpful information about financing, insurance, and other related topics.


5. Newsletters

Did you know the average person checks their email 15 times a day? Not only should home builders create email newsletters, but they should also create physical copies sent to clients directly.

While contrary to popular belief, direct mail is still very effective, and newsletters sent digitally and physically can make a big difference in your marketing strategy. These add yet another touch point to your buyers.


6. Make Videos

More young people are on YouTube than they are on Facebook. Home builders can create a YouTube channel and provide tours of their homes or the surrounding property. With some great music and attractive angles, engaging videos can be a great way to expand your reach on multiple platforms. People enjoy watching videos far more than reading.


7. Image

The reputation of your business is everything to the younger market. In this digital age, people can pull up all of the successes or failures your firm has made over the years. Utilizing PR and maintaining a positive image can impact the loyalty you have with the young market. Positive reviews, especially with a younger audience can be very persuasive.


8. Emotion

Everyone loves a good story. Appealing to the heartstrings of the young market can transform your efforts into a sale. Buying your first home can be very intimidating but by giving the home buying process some emotion, it can quickly turn prospects into clients. A tip would be to partner with a local charity or by giving the home character with trending colors or contemporary staging.


9. Be Innovative

Embrace the trends as they come and always be the first to test new marketing strategies. Home builders can pique the interest of the young market by appealing to different walks of life in a strategy or campaign. Change is inevitable in any industry and the faster your firm can adapt to changes, the better.


10. Entertain and Engage the Young Audience 

The young market is looking to be inspired. Only 55% of people spend fewer than 15 seconds actively on a page. Home builder firms need to make all marketing efforts captivating, especially their websites to ensure your consumers stay on your site. You can do this by keeping content simple and to the point with strong visuals and easy navigation.


11. Virtual Reality

Virtual reality, VR, is the newest technology to help home builders visualize projects. With VR, your firm can create interactive models, understand the needs of the consumer better, and many more useful tactics. Stay ahead of the competition by taking advantage of what VR has to offer. You might be surprised how many benefits AI can bring to your business.


12. Brand Personality

What makes your home builder firm different than the others? Shaping and adjusting your brand accordingly to fit the needs of the market and target audience are essential for making sales. Home builders can do this by creating a memorable logo, simple yet descriptive tagline, and by keeping the brand consistent in all online and offline marketing.

Above all, these hacks can be part of the solution to many of the challenges that come with appealing to the young market. It’s more important than ever to capture the attention of this consumer-driven market. There will come a day where these current hacks will apply to the older generation.


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