TRENDING: 10 FAQs About Home Builder & Developer Strategies Under COVID-19

Website Templates (8 Concerns with Using Them for Your Website)

Website templates

4 min read In this article, you’ll learn why you should never use website templates when developing a site for your company. Did you know there are 1.9 billion websites out there? This number is increasing by the second. With so many websites on the World Wide Web, your company needs a completely custom site

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Nurture Leads (3 Steps & 15 Tips for Home Builders & Developers)

nurture leads

5 min read Learn how to nurture leads, how to attract, engage and build trust with your audience. Getting a new lead is exciting, to say the least. Who doesn’t love new business coming to them? Achieving new leads and developing a strong B2C relationship is not easy. In fact, there is a science behind

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Remodelers [3 Marketing Ideas to Generate More Revenue]

Man working on a new kitchen installation and looking at blueprints remodelers

4 min read Learn why SEO, high quality images and PPC are three important marketing tactics for remodelers. As a remodeler, you are essentially bringing a home back to life. You take what was either a dated home or abandoned fixer upper and transforming it to become your masterpiece. After the project is complete, you

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Home Builder/Developer Marketing Agency [8 Tips for When & How to Look for One]

home builder marketing agency

4-min read In this article, you’ll learn when and how to start looking for a home builder marketing agency. There comes a time in your home builder/developer career where you want more. More conversions, more traffic to your website and more sales propelling your business forward. But how do you gain more clients? By teaming

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