TRENDING: 10 FAQs About Home Builder & Developer Strategies Under COVID-19

Home Builder & Developer Marketing [What to Include on Your Website]

home builder marketing - Creative abstract PHP web design, internet programming HTML language and digital computer technology business concept: 3D render illustration of the macro view of software source code on screen monitor with selective focus effect

4 min read Making your website mobile-friendly and easy to navigate are the first steps in creating a successful website for home builder marketing. Living in this digital world, it is a requirement that every business creates a website that captivates their audience, this holds especially true for home builder marketing. Research tells us that

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Paid Advertising [Why Home Builders & Developers Need to Invest]

paid advertising - Mordern marketing concept and tools for important lead generation in digital networks.

4 min 30 sec read Social media advertising and pay-per-click advertising are excellent ways to boost sales through paid advertising. With the high frequency of usage of the Internet and social media, it is crucial home builders are getting enough online visits and visibility. If no one can find your business online, then there is

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How To Determine Target Audience (for Home Builder & Developer Marketing)

target audience - Human crowd forming a big target symbol on white background. Horizontal composition with copy space. Clipping path is included. Target market concept.

4 min 15 sec read Your target audience fuels your business. Learn the strategies it takes to connect with them. Your audience contributes to the success of your company. Target audience is defined by a group of individuals who are considered the proper audience to purchase your product, whether that be a condo, house, community

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How Home Builders & Developers Can Market to Seniors [in 4 Ways]

when you market to seniors - Group of cheerful seniors enjoying time together drinking tea outdoors in cafe and sharing life stories in retirement

4 min read Easy to read material and pitching to families are a few critical steps you need to follow to effectively market to seniors. Did you know that empty nesters and active retired adults comprise of the most active home buyers in most areas of the country today? All home builders can benefit from

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14 Ways Home Builders & Developers Can Market [to Baby Boomers]

baby boomer marketing

4 min 20 sec read Gain more baby boomers as clients to your business with these tips. Did you know that baby boomers got their name from the sense of relief after the depression and World War 2? Born between 1945 and 1965, baby boomers might be your older sister or even one of your

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