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Popularity of Voice Search: 6 Ways for Home Builder & Developer SEO

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In this article, you’ll learn about the increasing popularity of voice search. Plus, how to integrate it into your current SEO strategy.

Keyword optimization for SEO may require a different approach to take advantage of voice search technologies. In 2021 and beyond, it’s imperative to consider language search when developing your marketing strategy. Continue reading to learn how home builders and developers can incorporate voice search in their SEO strategy.


The Popularity of Voice Search:

Although some people still use Google’s search bar without the help of devices, the switch to voice search has become mainstream. Over a third of the US population uses a voice assistant monthly whether that be with Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, or Google’s Google Home. All these tech giants now offer a variety of voice capabilities for their home services.

Statistics indicate that Siri is the most widely used voice assistant, with over 80% of people choosing it as their primary application. While other consumers are excited by the latest devices for their home voice assistant, including Amazon Echo and Google Home. It’s impossible to ignore that voice search is becoming more widely used across all demographics.

As voice empowers consumers and transforms the way people search for and find brands they can interact with, it drives the need to develop a language search strategy that integrates your company’s digital marketing plan. The possibilities for the future of language technology are endless. However, one thing is clear at the moment: the popularity of it is growing significantly and cannot be ignored any longer.


6 Ways Home Builders & Developers Can Use Voice Search for their SEO:


  1. Revise Keywords for Conversation

Understanding how companies focus their efforts on voice processing is critical if they want to build a diverse and thorough voice-first strategy. There are many reasons why it has become necessary for brands to adopt a language strategy, but one of the most important is the need for a strong language search strategy for home builders and developers.

I suggest revisiting your keyword list and adding more question-based keyword phrases to account for your homebuyers who are using voice search. For example, focus on phrases and longtail keywords and anticipate questions asked in a conversational manner.


  1. Better Voice Search Strategies = Better SEO

Home builders and developers who understand how consumers use voice-controlled technologies can better position themselves to use this information in their marketing efforts, especially with SEO. For instance, if you know what kind of questions consumers are asking, you can incorporate these questions as targeted keyword phrases for your SEO strategy.

Voice search needs to be an important part of your marketing strategy. As mobile technologies continue to improve, the way SEO is done will continue to evolve to offer hands-free search utilizing voice. Now’s a good time to improve your customer experience and bring more traffic to your website. Implementing voice search strategies can help you stay ahead of your competition.


  1. Changes in Consumer Spending with Voice Search

According to the ADI Consumer Electronics Report, more than half of voice assistant owners use the voice search feature at home, and 20% use it for online purchases. Also, a survey by Google recently found that owners of voice-controlled digital assistants buy products and services via voice search, while 20-30% buy products or services via voice control.

These statistics show that it’s important to ensure that the content information about the search query can be found using these devices. Which means that your SEO optimization needs to incorporate both text and language search options.


  1. Keep Up with Evolving Technologies

The beginnings of voice technology date back to the 1950s, but it has since evolved to become the most advanced voice assistant consumers have ever experienced. Moreover, technology is constantly improving, and consumer interest in voice capabilities is increasing. To avoid falling behind your competition, you need to hop on board with it now. This will help you be successful and stay ahead of the game.

In the last few years alone, Google has increased its word recognition rate from 80% to 90% and increased the number of devices that are easier to use and interact with. The number of voice-enabled devices that can provide accurate answers to queries is growing as well. In order to keep up with these technologies, you must adjust your SEO strategy accordingly.


  1. Consumers are Clearly Adopting Voice Technology

When developing your digital marketing strategy, always keep voice search devices such as Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa in mind. The key is to understand how accurate voice computing technology is and how often your target customers use voice search. Today 48% of consumers are using voice search for general web searches.

Besides the big companies I already noted, there are several other companies that offer voice-activated platforms. From IBM’s Watson, SoundHound, to Microsoft’s Cortana, I’m only too certain that more and more companies will also join this trend in the near future. Be a leader in adapting it in your SEO strategy and not just a follower.


  1. Another Opportunity for Optimization

If you’re a small, local business, voice search optimization offers more benefits than local SEO. Most companies don’t yet optimize their language search. Instead they have marketing teams working to update old content with new long-tail keywords. Stand out from the crowd and increase your SEO standings.

Although it’s not so easy to quickly jump up in rankings on Google or Bing, marketers can start prioritizing voice search in their SEO strategy and help improve their potential for higher ratings. Voice search is changing the way search engine marketing professionals optimize websites to rank for targeted keyword queries. So, let’s focus instead on the big changes that can optimize your content for language search.

Do you have any questions regarding how voice search impacts SEO? Let me know in the comments below.


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  1. Voice search has definitely changed the way marketers and business approach creating content and managing their website.

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