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Social Media Marketing Strategy Guide

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Are you starting out on your business’s social media marketing endeavor for you homes or a community? Keep reading for a discussion on how to devise the best online social media marketing strategies for your business.

3.6 billion people use a social media platform. This means many of your potential customers spend time on social media platforms. If you don’t have a social media marketing strategy, you miss out on the opportunity to engage potential buyers. Continue reading to learn about the most effective social media marketing strategies.

But how do you engage them in an effective manner? You need a social media marketing strategy. When you have defined your social media plan, you have the ability to implement them and grow your client base.


Social Media Marketing Strategy


Schedule Your Marketing Content

Content comprises the core of your content strategy. Whether you plan on running promotional, posting blog posts, or uploading videos, you should plan out your content.

Consumers who follow your social media pages hope to hear from you. Still, you should refrain from posting too often. Overloading your customer’s social media feeds might cause them to grow annoyed and unfollow you.

So, how often should you post? That depends on the platform. Most experts agree that you should post something at least once a day on Facebook.

Twitter’s posts have a much shorter shelf life. As such, your Twitter account can handle a much larger quantity of tweets, so you can post up to 30 times a day. Make sure you space out your tweets throughout the day to keep your customers engaged in a consistent manner.

If you use Instagram, post 1-2 times a day. This keeps your account updated without overwhelming your followers.


Plan Your Social Media Marketing Posts

Do you know what types of posts you would like to make?

In truth, not all content will perform as well as other content on your page. As such, you need to know which types of posts work well for your company.

Videos and images perform the best on social media. When people scroll through their accounts, they usually skim their feeds. Any long text posts might get looked over. Images and videos use visuals, though, which catch people’s attention easier. So, you should plan on using videos and images of your homes or the community you are promoting.

Still, you might want to include text in your posts. To maximize views on your blog posts, for instance, you should link to them on your social media platforms and write a brief, engaging introduction. Whenever possible, though, you should include images or videos with your text posts.


Promotional Posts

Did you know that you can also advertise offers on your social media page?

If you have a promotion or sale, make a social media post about it. That way, your followers can see the promotional offer and take advantage of it.


Social Media Marketing Advertising

You should also use your social media account to create ads.

Social media platforms have built-in ad builders to make the process easier. However, consider engaging a professional marketing firm that specializes in the home building industry to get the best results. Your strategic ads will be displayed to the people in your audience, giving them the chance to buy your homes.


Ready to Better Your Social Media Marketing Strategy?

Having a social media marketing strategy helps you build your online presence and build a rapport with your clients. In turn, this builds their trust in you as a brand and encourages them to buy your products and services.

Do you want to learn more about the most effective social media marketing strategies? I offer professional consultations that help your business succeed on social media. Contact me for a consultation!


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