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11 Social Media Marketing Content Strategies [for All Home Builders & Developers]

Social Media Marketing
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11 tips and tricks to incorporate into your social media marketing strategies.

In this digital age, social media marketing is becoming more and more popular. In fact, there are approximately 3.48 billion people who are on social media, growing by 9% from last year alone. Home builders need to take advantage of these growing numbers to help grow sales, ROI, and conversions.


Benefits of Social Media Marketing

It’s important to take advantage of social media because it increases brand awareness, drives organic visits to your site, and can help build your brand’s identity. Consumers today find companies with a social media presence to be more credible than those that don’t participate in social media.

Other benefits of creating a highly visible social media presence include not only improving your search engine rankings, but also improving your relationship with the home building audience. You will receive more open communication, feedback, and reviews by connecting with your customers on the platforms they use the most.

Before I dive into the many techniques you can apply to social media, you must understand the challenges that come along with it. The most common challenges of social media include a lack of available time for the business to dedicate to social media, not aligning the social goals with business goals, and Facebook’s recent privacy concerns. Remember, it takes time to achieve ROI.

Even though Facebook, despite its algorithm changes and privacy scandals, is still very useful, with more than 2.2 million active users. However, it’s best to not ignore other networks, as they too can bring benefits to your business.


Here are 11 social media marketing tips for home builders to apply across the board, no matter which social media network you utilize:


1. Keep it simple

It’s just social media after all. The simpler your strategies, the better. Don’t get me wrong, however, social media is very important and can really advance home builders. Simple strategies can save your firm time and money during the content creation period.


2. Include AI (Artificial Intelligence)

What can also save you time is installing AI bots to your social media channels. These bots can answer client questions directly from the comment section or over Messenger. They can even keep the relationship with your market strong by ‘liking’ your follower’s content, giving you more time to make sales.


3. Be human with your audience

People love people, it’s what we do. Creating a human personality is especially important if you are going to incorporate AI technology, such as a bot, into your social media marketing strategy. The trick is to not let your target market know it’s AI, aka not a real person. Here are some ways to do just that:

  • Add humor when communicating with clients.
  • Tug on the heartstrings by adding emotion into posts.
  • Take note of customer opinions and suggestions.
  • Reply to all feedback, positive and negative.


4. A/B test campaigns  

What is A/B testing you ask? A/B testing, also known as split testing, is a marketing strategy which compares two versions of material against each other to determine which performs better. It’s amazing how only a few changes to the wording can make such a big difference in results. Be sure to incorporate this strategy into your campaigns to achieve the best results.


5. Create great and original content

Solid content attracts the right homebuyer and organic audience directly to your website. Ensure all social media content is relevant to not only your business, but also to your market. Here are some ways to appeal to both:

  • Reference upcoming events happening near your business. Take a look at this Facebook post as an example:

social media content strategies

  • As you can see, this community is connecting its audience’s interest to nearby activities and events.
  • Connect with the city’s social media profiles to stay up-to-date. For example, have your company follow the Mayor and your city’s social media accounts.
  • Provide recent city updates and newsworthy information in posts.
  • Tag and reference your city frequently.
  • Be in the know for local events such as parades, shows, sporting events, and social gatherings.


6. Reciprocate the love

Did you know consumers expect all companies to respond to their concern in four hours or less? The unfortunate reality is, however, brand response time to a consumer is approximately 10 hours. That is way too much time to waste in responding to a client. Home builders be sure to not ignore those who give your brand the most attention.


7. Spice it up

Your target audience will get bored if they see and read the same content over and over. Spice things up a little on social media by adding interesting videos, infographics, captivating imagery, even a podcast every now and then. In essence, supply your market with different forms of media to keep them engaged.


8. Track insights for improvement

Did you know you can get audience insight data from any social media network? Take advantage of this. By understanding and incorporating important data analytics – such as peak posting time, demographic information, and which posts are receiving the best engagement – will be an immense help in improving your social media marketing strategies.


9. Keep it consistent

No matter which social media platform your business uses, make sure all have the same content. Content might be more condensed on Twitter of course, but give your audience the same basic information. Keep the same messaging, hashtags, and aesthetic themes such as the same color scheme or filters to be cohesive.


10. Promote user-generated content

For some individuals (influencers), growing their social media presence is just as important for them as it is for your business. Your followers can be your biggest fans and content generators by encouraging them to post on your behalf. Incentivize your audience by providing offers or discounts in exchange for user-generated material is a proven successful tactic.


11. Monitor the home builder industry

Take note of what your competitors are doing on social media. One way to do this is to conduct a surface-level analysis. Don’t steal their ideas, but instead, understand what is working for them and see if it can be applied to your marketing materials as well.

By applying all of these strategies or just one, you are making a positive impact on how your followers will view your home building brand via social media.


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