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Home Builders & Developers Marketing [3 Strategies to Sell More Houses]

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Creating convincing content, using professional photography, and optimizing SEO are what home builders marketing need to achieve for more sales.

Are you a professional home builder in your area? Well, congratulations! Building homes is an industry that requires a huge undertaking and commitment. As a successful builder, you’ll certainly agree with the fact that building quality homes to meet the needs of your customers is your ultimate goal. You need to be aware of these home builders marketing techniques to help your business thrive.

Constructing homes that stand out from the crowd of your competitors might seem like the most challenging process. Some other common challenges that many home builders face are access to quality labor, building material prices, and availability of developed lots. Many parts of the country already offer established neighborhoods and there often aren’t many under-developed locations in which to build.

No matter how challenging it is, however, it’s important you understand that if your firm offers quality homes and cannot connect with qualified home buyers it’s like having a boat on dry land. For many home builders like you, getting clients can be a real challenge. You may find yourself often too busy to fully invest in your marketing efforts.

The good news, on the other hand, is that getting homebuyers is not such a hard task if you employ the right marketing strategies. Here are solutions to getting more clients, increasing your targeting process and ultimately fixing many of the most common home builder marketing problems.


3 Home Builders Marketing Strategies


1. Create informative and convincing content for potential home buyers

In this digital era, most home buyers prefer seeking information from the Internet than contacting home selling agencies. Why call when you can just search online anyway? When it comes to marketing your homes, your number one strategy to implement is creating content that is not only informative but also convincing.

Convincing is an important factor when it comes to making content. This holds true even for potential clients because you want to build up your credibility with your audience. People are smart and can tell if content is poorly written and not strategically created. A tip is to show them what your home builder business can do for them and how your homes meet their needs.

Content can be anything that explains to your clients what you are offering them and why they should choose you. For example, you can reach out to your buyers via print ads, blog posts, infographics or videos. When they come across your educational and compelling content, they will trust you as a reliable source of info they desperately need to make the right choice for this large investment.


2. Generate customer testimonials and photo galleries

Humans are said to be social beings. It is through socialization that you find people getting influenced to seek or take action by either their peers or even strangers. Influence can be through either word of mouth or customer reviews. When marketing your homes, it’s important that you focus on customer testimonials to help generate sales.

So, where exactly can you get these testimonials? Well, it’s simple! Attaining client testimonials might be easier than you think. You just need to ask for them from your previous clients. Don’t be afraid of asking for reviews in person, over email or after the sale. People like to provide feedback to companies that they like and trust.

In fact, more and more people feel obligated to write a review or testimonial. This is especially true for when they have either a good or bad experience with a business. Once you get them, choose the best ones and decide how to display and share them. Your customers’ testimonials will serve as social proof to other potential home buyers. It is also a win-win for your company.

Besides your customers’ reviews, the other important step is creating photo galleries of your homes. This can work well for new home builders since they don’t have customer testimonials when they’re first starting out. When taking photos of your homes, ensure you use professional photographers for quality imagery. Buyers will develop more interest if you provide them with clear evidence of having what they are looking for in a home. Be sure to photograph kitchens, baths, and bedrooms as these are often what customers base their purchases on the most.


3. Optimize your business’s website for search

This is one of the best marketing strategies for many home builders these days. From what you have learned above, the Internet has become a shopping platform for a majority of people. Creating a captivating website for your business is a requirement in this day in age. Potential buyers will only find you if you help them to do so.

Optimizing your website for search is the road map to connecting you with your customers. If your search phrase, for instance is, ‘New Home Builders’, then ensure you put it in all titles on every page. It is advisable to also use the phrase in your informative content. By doing this, your site will not only get traffic that visits your site, but traffic that purchases your quality homes as well.

Another way to optimize your home builder’s website is to download Yoast SEO plugin if you have a WordPress website. Located in Wijchen, Netherlands, Yoast is a free computer program home builders can download to help improve your site’s rank on Google and increase traffic. Yoast also gives you an option to receive more benefits if your business pays a premium fee.

It’s evident that marketing your homes is not as complicated as you may think. All you need to do is to implement the right marketing methods and select a marketing firm that has a proven track record in the industry. Incorporating such methods to your marketing efforts will not only improve your visibility to your target clients but will also improve the number of sales over time.


Today for Home Builders Marketing

Today we find ourselves in a competitive home builder market. It’s only going to get harder and harder to target the ideal client in your area with so many competing home builders. But by writing compelling content, using professional photography, and taking advantage of SEO strategies and Yoast SEO you can stay ahead of the competition.


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