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Instagram [8 Steps for a Winning Home Builder or Developer Marketing Plan]

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It’s best to combine your Instagram strategies with your business’s goals.

Unlike Facebook and Twitter, Instagram is focused more on imagery than copy. With over 100 million users and 2 million brands, Instagram is easily one of the fast-growing social media sites. Home builders everywhere should prioritize Instagram just like any other networking platform for optimal results.

Instagram allows your business to have an enormous worldwide audience. However, many home builders fail to recognize the impact Instagram can have on their sales. Some of the most common marketing challenges that come with Instagram are recognizing its return on investment, finding time to post during prime posting hours, and gaining quality followers.

As a home builder, you should follow these eight Instagram steps, in correlation with your business goals, if you want more online exposure, credibility, and leads.


1. Find your market

Every business has a target market and audience, an ideal customer looking to invest in a home or office. Before your marketing team starts following everyone, keep these questions in mind: Who am I trying to connect with? What does this market want? Who is investing in your business? And, who are my potential customers?


2. Analyze content your audience is receiving

Your followers aren’t just following you. In fact, they are following many other accounts. Study the type of hashtags your audience is interested in, what other accounts they are following, and who your audience is engaging with the most.

The key to this step is to combine what your audience wants with what they are getting. This technique allows for your business to slowly merge its content with your target market’s content. You never want to seem too pushy with social media or else it will increase the risk of losing followers. Inform and engage with your audience in order to build a loyal following.


3. Create original content

Sit down with your home builder marketing team to discuss aesthetic or theme to use throughout your profile. If your Instagram account blends in, your business will never stand out from the competition. Keep it consistent with filters and edits so your audience finds your profile visually appealing.

If your business’s Instagram account is visually interesting, it will increase the chance of gaining more followers and likes. You must find a visual voice related to your business to attract more people to your account and website.


4. Use hashtags

By using 4-5 hashtags per post, the chance of having potential followers or even customers increases significantly. As a matter of fact, Instagram just recently let their users follow hashtags. Have your home builder business follow these hashtags to break into the many niches of Instagram.

As of today, here are the most popular hashtags for home builder marketing for your reference: #Homebuilding #CommunityDevelopment #Homeforsale #Newhome #Househunting #Broker #Newhouse #Forsale


5. Ally with other successful home builder marketing accounts

If you notice an account has more followers than you, use them as leverage. Partner up with them and share ideas. If they post your content and tag you in a marketing effort, you have just exposed your company to their followers. Thereby, increasing your exposure rate to the home builder market.


6. Engage with your followers on Instagram 

Having your home builder content on Instagram is certainly beneficial but engaging with your audience can be arguably more important. People are flattered when you pay attention to them. Your followers will appreciate your efforts in trying to start a relationship with them over Instagram and in turn they might turn into leads.

Here’s how home builder businesses can increase engagement with followers: Shoot your fans a ‘like’ or comment every now and then to make them feel extra special. Everyone can appreciate a fellow ‘like’. Another example is to add a comment to a recent client’s picture and say, “Home sweet home!” after they have moved in to add a personal touch.



In order to keep abreast of the market, you need to take advantage of the recently released IGTV(Instagram TV). It’s projected to be the “new” YouTube. An example would be to film a walking tour of a new home, office, or property. This will give your customers first-hand experience at the touch of a button.

In fact, IGTV can even be pinned to your home builder Instagram account so many other people can view your video content even after the live stream is over.


8. Schedule in Advance

Many businesses use programs and applications to schedule social media posts in advance. I have seen how effective these programs are for many different types of businesses and the amount of time it saves in the long run. Saving time through social media allows you to use more time working with clients directly.

Here are some of the many social media scheduler programs I recommend to clients:

  • Hootsuite
  • Sprout Social
  • CoSchedule
  • SEMrush

Here are the apps which are more specific to Instagram:

  • Latergramme
  • Schedugram
  • OnlyPult
  • Postso

The tools above are not only simple to use, but they can also help your firm with posting during the peak posting hours. While some of the programs listed are free, some however, are not. It’s up to you to determine how much you are willing to spend on Instagram marketing efforts, but you can potentially use these tips for other social media platforms as well, such as Facebook or Twitter.

Above all, these steps are essential in this incredibly competitive home building market. To have an even more successful marketing campaigns mentioned above, it’s best to combine your Instagram strategies with your business’s goals. Having both strategies work together gives your business a better chance at making more sales.


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