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3 Powerful SEO Tips To Get Your Building Company Noticed

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In this article, you’ll learn three powerful SEO tips to help boost your organic traffic as a builder or developer.

Today, studies show that over 92 percent of all digital global traffic starts with a Google search. SEO, or search engine optimization, is one of the most powerful marketing tools for home builders and developers. While you might already be using an SEO strategy for your digital marketing plan, are you using it to its full potential? Continue reading to learn about powerful SEO tips for helping boost your organic traffic.

To experience increased visibility on the first page of Google, you’ll need a specific, targeted strategy. While focusing on keywords and writing are obvious answers, these specific SEO tips can help your company stand out even more.

For more on how to boost organic traffic to your website, read on for our top SEO tips and tools.

3 Powerful SEO Tips:

  1. Prioritize Topic Clusters

If you’re a home builder or developer with different services, topic clusters are important when implementing an SEO strategy. Topic clusters are groups of information that center around one common theme. By using topic clusters in your SEO content, you can create more targeted information for people searching in your area.

Some examples of topic clusters you might consider including on your site are “Community Developing” or “Single Family Homes.” When grouping and creating this SEO content, the more outbound external links, the better. While it’s important to include targeted keywords, providing highly-specific content clusters is key.

This simple, yet overlooked strategy, can create higher relevance and visibility for your business.

  1. Use the “Google My Business” (GMB) Feature

For home builders and developers, it’s crucial to keep track of business insights to see how you’re competing in the local market. The “Google My Business” (GMB) feature allows you do to this and much more. Not only is this feature helpful in boosting your page results on Google, but it’s also one of the top SEO trends today.

GMB is a free tool that allows builders to track searches of their business through all areas of Google. This tool also allows you to directly respond to reviews about your service, boosting authenticity for your brand.

This is an important tool to help your business be more accessible and visible to your local community. It also helps you better understand your business’s presence online. Use GMB as one of the many powerful SEO tips for you to thrive.

  1. Conduct Regular Content Audits 

If you’ve ever read an article listing the top SEO tips, you’ve likely seen many that say to “write better content.” But one of the most important aspects of improving content is auditing. 51 percent of marketers report updating content as one of the most efficient tools for improving organic traffic.

Content audits allow you to analyze and assess the content you feature on your website. By staying up to date with the latest targeted content, you’ll experience more clicks and higher visibility on Google. To conduct an audit for SEO, be sure to define your marketing goals, track your content insights, and create a plan of action.

This action plan should help you either rid your site of old content or repurpose it. Repurposing your SEO content may come in the form of turning blogs into videos, lists into infographics, and more.

Follow These Powerful SEO Tips for Your Building Company

To boost your building and developing business to the first page on Google, these SEO tips can help. With content audits, the “Google My Business” feature, and creating topic clusters, you can drive more valuable traffic to your site.

Be sure to check out the rest of our website for all your homebuilder and developer marketing needs. Also, contact me today and let me know about your business’ marketing journey.

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