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7 SEO Myths You Should Be Aware of [for Home Builder & Developer Marketing]

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Learn the several SEO myths to help improve your website traffic.

SEO, Search Engine Optimization, is the number one driving factor in getting more organic traffic to your home builder business and increase your sales. There are many SEO myths floating around out there and it’s vital home builders take full advantage of what SEO has to offer and not fall victim to the many myths that are not true.

SEO, is the process which improves the search engine rankings for home builder’s website. For example, when you search for something on Google, Google then generates a list of items that most closely relates to the searched term. The item which appears first on the search results has a higher SEO value than those that come after it.

Presently, there are 5.6 billion Google searches per day, and the majority of people will only click one of the top five listed suggestions. So, you can see it is critical your business lands in one of the top ten positions to be viewed by potential customers. SEO is a very important practice because it allows your website to do just that.


7 SEO myths and solutions all home builders should know:


Myth #1: SEO is a Scam

The concept of SEO itself is not a scam. Unfortunately, however, many businesses fall victim to unethical marketing vendors who promise unreasonable rankings in Google and that is the scam people are referring to. SEO requires technical skill, persistence and time on order to get your site onto page one listings.

Solution – The best thing your business can do is  interview the company you are considering managing your SEO process. Make sure they have a proven track record for success and stay on top of the ongoing changes in the industry. If a shady marketing company promises results in under a month, they are probably not the right company to choose.

Be patient and results will show a marketing firm’s true colors. SEO takes time, realistically you won’t start to see strong measurable results for the first six month. Make sure the firm you select offers detailed monthly reports.


Myth #2: SEO is a One Time Thing

SEO is not a one-time activity, it is an on-going practice which requires continual tracking, analysis, research, and maintenance. Think of it this way: when you search for something on Google, does it automatically give you the most recent and relevant search items? Or does it provide you with outdated and irrelevant information? If you only performed SEO efforts once, your website would only be relevant for that timeframe.

Solution – Google updates constantly and organic traffic will only improve if your home builder business optimizes continually. Your company can first start at optimizing older content such as blog articles and website pages, then work your way up to newer content, then ongoing new content.


SEO Myth #3: Link Building is Unimportant  

What is link building? Link building is the practice of actively generating new links to your site from third party website or blog articles to promote your site. Link building is extremely beneficial because partnering with outside websites with blog articles improves SEO for both your firm and for the company that references you. It’s a win-win situation.

Solution – In order to improve SEO for your website, always utilize either an external or internal link in your blog articles. Having multiple points of entry for specific content is more beneficial than only having one. These backlinks in your articles create valuable links to your site from other high-value sites. Link building is actually one of the most important practices for a successful SEO program.


Myth #4: Social Media Doesn’t Impact SEO

This is far from the truth. Social media has significant secondary effects on your SEO. How so? A status on Facebook or a tweet on Twitter is a social share. Your home builder firm then gains social impressions from your audience which in turn generates creator impressions, links, and mentions. It increases your exposure and engagement with your market and audience. Google takes note of all of these interactions as part of its algorithm.

Solution – Generate as much social media content for your business as your time allows. In order to attract organic traffic visits from social media, create posts which reference your business’s website. For instance, always attach your website’s link when creating posts. You can also repurpose blog articles on social media.


SEO Myth #5: Rank #1 for just One Keyword

Ranking #1 for only a specific keyword is extremely competitive and not a good use of your SEO marketing efforts. A specific keyword doesn’t even compare to the numerous long-tail keywords with more relevancy. One keyword is a mere fraction of all the other keywords or phrases you can use with your business to generate new visitors. To gain visibility and increase your ranking, it’s important to rank for a number of keywords rather than just one.

Solution – Conduct a great deal of research on which keywords are working best for your website and product offering then make a list of similar keywords or phrases to match. This will help with developing more relevant information to your site and ultimately help with SEO. Google offers tools to help you analyze and choose the best keywords for your site. So, take advantage of them if you are trying to do this on your own.


Myth #6: Content is King

Many people believe that if the content on your website is high enough quality then high SEO ranking will follow, but that is not always the case. Maintaining your SEO requires the continual posting of high-quality new blog articles on your website for your target market to find and read. You cannot rely only on existing good content to maintain your status.

Static sites that do not continually post new content will slowly lose out. Without ongoing SEO practices, no one will find your site and the good content, to begin with.

Solution – You must have high-quality content as part of your SEO efforts to gain web traffic to your site. Don’t get me wrong, well-crafted content is crucial to have in this highly competitive environment. However, your site will be more successful if you add ongoing SEO tactics to it for long-term success.


Myth #7: A Sitemap is Not Required

Yes, it is. Sitemaps allow search engine bots to inform search engines such as Google about URLs on your website that are available for crawling. It is an XML file that lists the URLs for a site. No website only has just one page, so it’s important that Google can readily see all pages on your site. You want your audience to scroll through your website and sitemaps help Google crawlers do that too, so your site is properly cataloged.

Solution – Always create a sitemap for any website you develop. Without a sitemap, Google will have a harder time finding your pages and that is the last thing you want when it comes to SEO. Sitemaps are the best way to get pages indexed and to help Google discover fresh content as well.

Hopefully, these SEO myths and solutions cleared up some of the common misconceptions that are out there regarding SEO. Home builders must include SEO as a part of their ongoing marketing efforts to enhance their websites visibility and increase sales opportunities.


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