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Home Builder/Developer Marketing Agency [8 Tips for When & How to Look for One]

home builder marketing agency
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In this article, you’ll learn when and how to start looking for a home builder marketing agency.


There comes a time in your home builder/developer career where you want more. More conversions, more traffic to your website and more sales propelling your business forward. But how do you gain more clients? By teaming up with a home builder marketing agency or advertising firm.


You need to consider many factors when determining who to pick for your marketing agency. In fact, there were 13.74k advertising agencies in the United States in 2017 alone. Can you imagine how many there are this year?  With so many to choose from you need to determine which one will be the most compatible with your business.


When Should I Start Looking?


1. Company Launch


One of the best times to start looking for a new marketing agency is at the beginning phases of your business. Looking for an agency when you launch your company is rewarding because the agency can help you develop a website, create relevant content and help you morph your business into the perfect company you’ve aspired to build.


2. No Agency in Place


Another excellent time to start looking for a marketing agency is when you don’t have one already in place. For instance, every home builder or developer should have an agency on their side to help them with developing a strategic marketing plan to keep them relevant in today’s competitive world. In other words, you’ll be behind your competitors by not having an experienced marketer on your side.


3. Performance


The third reason for when you should consider looking for a marketing agency is when the one you have isn’t cutting it. You might already be paired up with a digital marketing agency but are they performing? This is important because the success of your company is far more important than the relationship you have with your current agency.


Here is a list of questions to consider when determining if your agency is creating the desired results you need:


  • Is your advertising agency meeting your expectations?
  • Are they simply meeting your requirements but not going that extra step to improve your visibility online?
  • Is your agency committed to the success of your business or are you just a number?
  • How often do you communicate with your agency? Is it every day, weekly or semi-monthly? The more you communicate with your marketing firm, the better.
  • Is your current agency improving their tactics regularly in this ever-changing marketplace? This is critical because the online digital world is rapidly advancing each and every year. By not staying up to date with Google’s algorithm changes, your company might take an unexpected dive in ranking with no explanation.


4. You Want More


Like I mentioned earlier, there will be a time in your career where you want more clients and sales. In fact, this feeling is very common amongst many small business owners. Working with an experienced agency can guarantee you more visibility in both traditional and non-traditional advertising methods, thereby extending your reach and brand awareness.


How Do I Look for a Marketer?


5. Online Search


Beginning your search for the ideal agency online is a given and I know that. However, there are specific tactics you can utilize within Google to receive better and more accurate search results. An important tactic you need to know about is searching with the use of punctuation marks.


How to Search with Punctuation Marks:


  • Dashes

Use dashes when you want to exclude a word from your search results list. For example, if you search for home builder marketing agency –New York then the search results will give you home builder marketing agencies that aren’t in New York.

  • Quotation marks

Use quotation marks when you want to have an exact match of your search query. For instance, if you search for “online digital marketing agency” then the search results will give you the companies who rank specifically for online digital marketing agency.

  • Asterisk

Use asterisks when you have a specific set of keywords you would like to search for but don’t quite remember the order. For example, if you search for SEO * home builders, then the search results will help you fill in the blanks and give you the best possible solutions per your search query.

  • Tilde

Use a tilde when you want to search for all synonyms. For instance, if you search for digital marketing agency ~online, then the search results will give you all of the similar search terms for online. Other examples include home builders ~video brochures, home builders ~event promotion, and home builders ~AI.

  • Double period

Use a double period when you want to search for ranges. For example, if you search for home builder marketing trends 2000..2020, then the search results will give you a range of trends from those 20 years.