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5 Artificial Intelligence Myths & Debunks (for Home Builder & Developer Marketing)

Artificial Intelligence myths - A group of businesspeople stand in the shadow of the large letters, "AI" which stand for artificial intelligence. They are concerned and unsure about the unknown implications of the rollout of artificial intelligence on our society.
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Most common Artificial Intelligence myths and solutions for home builder marketing.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is more than your family’s Alexa or speech recognition in your phone or car. Many people think AI marketing is too new and therefore fail to realize it’s true potential. In reality, AI is reshaping marketing and giving many industries a leg up in their campaign strategy. AI can make significant marketing advancements for home builders. Learn about the most common Artificial Intelligence myths.

Like with any new technology, myths exist. For example, there are some people out there who truly believe lemons can be used to charge your phone. Or worse, some people even believe a beer can be used to boost your WIFI signal. But whatever myth you have heard in the past, AI hurting marketing efforts is not one of them.

Being the last ones to support AI marketing will ultimately do more harm than good for your business in the long-run. It’s best to always embrace change and support new, helpful technologies to ensure your company stays ahead of your competition.


Here are 5 common Artificial Intelligence myths and how you can apply Artificial Intelligence marketing to your home builder business:


Myth #1: AI technology threatens human-run marketing jobs

This is easily one of the most common myths about using AI technology for marketing purposes. People are already concerned about their jobs and some believe AI makes this concern worse. Even though technology has been replacing and improving job efficiency since the beginning of time, AI is here to help you and not hurt your business and marketing team.


Debunk #1: AI can create jobs and save your business time

Don’t get me wrong, some jobs can be lost due to advancements in AI, but other jobs are created as well. It has the ability to remove the often mundane and repetitive work from the creative process to supply you and your home builders with more time to make sales. Keep in mind that the desire for genuine human interaction will never be lost and replaced with AI.


Myth #2: AI organizes all marketing data

There is a common saying about AI marketing being used today called “load and go”. This refers to the way data is loaded onto AI and the lack of human effort that comes along with it. AI cannot simply organize all of your home builder firm’s data and present it to you on a silver platter.


Debunk #2: It takes a fair amount of time for AI to organize masses of data

AI is a technological tool, not magic. For instance, AI requires the right kind of relevant data to solve the issues you might be facing. However, be patient with the AI problem-solving process. In order for AI algorithms to learn from past experiences, it might take weeks or even months to optimize and to see results.


Myth #3: AI marketing is sufficient enough to replace all human interaction

Some individuals fear AI will advance so far to the point where it can replace all human interaction, but that is far from the truth. Although AI is very useful in maintaining relationships with your target market, AI bots and machines do not interact with humans the same way that people do. They are efficient at responding to frequently asked questions, and providing simple responses.


Debunk #3: AI can’t replace business to consumer communication

Nothing can replace the personal conversations you have with your clients. There is no better marketing technique than providing true and genuine conversations to your target audience. There are many things AI can provide for your home builders firm, but one-on-one human connection is not one of them. Humans require interactions with other humans to form strong and trusting relationships.


Myth #4: AI marketing requires a team of experts and IT professionals

On one hand, some AI applications require a village to help run successfully. In fact, there are many highly sophisticated AI applications and technologies which do need the expertise of an IT professional. Some even require an expert to work with the business and to help apply AI to the current marketing strategies.


Debunk #4: Many AI programs and applications are easy to use

But on the other hand, not all AI marketing techniques require such expertise. There are several AI software programs available to you and your home builder business. These can be run by nearly anyone on your team. For example, chatbots for customer service and social media bots are great easy to use examples of AI that can be managed by an individual.


Myth #5: AI cannot help your home builder business

You are probably hesitant about using AI or think it’s too new to incorporate into your business model. You might also have no time to include such technologies into current marketing strategies, but think again. Advancements in AI marketing don’t require as much time as you think and can bring a whole realm of possibilities, creative ideas, and data-driven results to grow your home builders company.


Debunk #5: AI can fuel your home builder business to a whole new level

After all, many of your competitors are potentially already using AI in their marketing strategies. Although your competitors may be in the beginning phases of AI, they are already jumping onto this new technological wave to receive long-term benefits. Lead the home builder market by joining them so you too can experience a positive ROI sooner than later by incorporating this new technology.

Hopefully debunking these Artificial Intelligence myths cleared up some of the common concerns you may have about marketing. Even though integrating it into marketing strategies is a fairly new concept, it’s definitely worth considering for your home builders. Don’t be one of the many businesses who reject AI advancements. Instead, be the innovator your market needs.


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