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Home Builder & Developers: 6 Tips in Email Marketing for Sale Success

Email Marketing
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Learn six strategies to turn cold leads into warm leads and warm leads into sales.

As a home builder or developer, one of the key challenges you face is engagement. You send emails, reminders, post on social media, run a blog, and yet you still want to increase your engagement rate with your target audience. In this article, you’ll learn six strategies and tips to email marketing to re-engage your audience.

Email marketing is a useful digital marketing strategy to keep your home building or development brand top of mind with your potential buyers. Email marketing delivers a strong return on investment if done correctly. In fact, for every $1 you spend on email marketing, you can expect an average return of $42.

If it’s so useful for ROI, then you might be asking yourself “How come it’s not working for me?”. Before I get into the details of re-engaging your target audience, you need to evaluate where your email marketing strategy currently stands. Continue reading for tips to email marketing.


Evaluate Your Current Email Strategy:

If you already have an email marketing campaign running and you find yourself stuck on the engagement rates, then take a serious look at what you are sending out. For example, look at your subject line, content in the email, and the health of your email marketing list.

Your subject line is the very first thing people notice about an email. Does it relate to the content in the email? Is it personalized to the target audience? Emails with personalized subject lines generate 50% higher open rates than those that don’t. A tip would be to include individual names, the company’s name, or even the industry or interest in the content of the email.

When it comes to the health of your email marketing list, it’s important to always keep it accurate and up to date. For instance, you don’t want to keep emailing prospects that have never opened one of your emails. This can hinder your open rates by accounting for these dead leads.


6 Strategies to Re-Engage Your Audience Through Email Marketing:


  1. Don’t Give Up

The first tip I would like to discuss is to not give up on an email marketing campaign. It takes six to eight touches to just generate a viable sales lead. So, a campaign that has only three emails won’t cut it. It might take months for people to have a need for your product or service.

It might even take longer for people to seriously consider your products or services because, in the homebuilding industry, people don’t move all of the time. People move on average a dozen times in their lifetime. Be patient and stay on top of mind, so when a prospect is ready to buy a home, or moves to your area, they have your emails to refer to.


  1. Include a Chatbot on Your Website

Keep the email conversation going by including a chatbot on your website. If one of the CTA’s in your email marketing campaign implies the recipient should visit the website, then you should definitely add a chatbot! This will help you with not only time management but also as another touch point prospects can make with your brand. In addition, chatbots offer 24/7 access to your information and simple answers.

Chatbots save you time and energy because they can be automated to answer the basic questions about your business. You can program a series of FAQ’s to display on your chatbot that can help people get quick answers they need without having to spend time finding them. For example, include your business hours, address, and move-in-ready residences in your chatbot.


  1. Re-engage Those who Dropped Off

Since not everybody is looking to move right away, you need to be able to re-engage those who presently are not interested in your products or services. I suggest you take a look at your email database and create a list of those who haven’t opened your emails in the past few months. Then email those people fresh content to re-engage them.

Reach out to them by letting them know where they stand. Send them a re-engagement email that says something to the effect of “We haven’t heard from you in a while, can we help you? Here’s some fresh information about us.” Then list what they were interested in before, such as design elements or new move-in ready homes you just finished constructing.

This gives you a chance to examine their true interests further and potentially convert a cold lead into a warm lead. These “cold” leads know they haven’t opened your emails in a while so giving them another chance to engage with your brand, may spark a new interest for them in taking the next step in their home buying journey.


  1. Send Prospects Content They Enjoy

One of the tips with re-engaging an audience member that dropped off is to offer them something that sparked their interest in the past. Look back on the emails that they did open and push that content to them in a re-engagement campaign. If a prospect only opened emails about the Design Center, then push new Design Center content to them.

In other words, they already picked their marketing funnel path, so you don’t need to recreate the wheel by starting from scratch. Take advantage of the path they already chose and send them something that will entice them to open it. By re-engaging prospects, you’ll spark conversations with your best leads and those who may have stopped engaging.


  1. Digital Content Is on Your Side

In today’s climate, everything seems digital and it’s not by design. In fact, since the COVID-19 lockdown, digital content engagement has increased by 40%. This includes business to business content as well as business to consumer content. With the rise of digital content recently, make it work for you and not against you.

Leverage digital content to advance your sales strategy. Your email marketing platform has several features to enhance your campaigns digitally. Whether you use common platforms such as GoDaddy, Vertical Response, or Constant Contact, you have an opportunity to see which specific recipients opened or clicked on your email. Take note of these people and perform follow-up calls and appointments to advance the potential for sales.


  1. Partner with an Agency for Help

I understand, you’re busy and you don’t always have time to evaluate every step of your email marketing campaign because you’re focused on your business. A solution would be to partner with an experienced digital marketing agency for extra assistance. Knowledgeable agencies have run successful email marketing campaigns in the past so let the professionals help you.

Agencies can even help you design your email marketing campaign, to make it not only on par with your brand, but also make it stand out. Agencies with experience in analytics and reporting can also keep track of your email data for you such as tracking your open rates, clicks, and bounces over time.

By tracking the reports for each email you send out, you’ll eventually find the trends with your audience as to which content performs the best. This is exceptionally important as it can guide the content in your campaigns, subject lines, and strengthen your emails overall.



  • Continue to run your email marketing campaign to stay on top of mind with potential buyers.
  • Include a chatbot on your website to keep the conversation going 24/7 and save you time by answering basic questions.
  • Re-engagement programs are not just for the leads that have gone dark, they can improve engagement in many ways. (Even for the warm leads to becoming hot.)
  • Use re-engagement programs to target leads that showed some interest that are now dormant.
  • Revise your content to fit the needs of those with low engagement then follow up accordingly.
  • Nurture the leads that have demonstrated engagement, so they don’t turn into lost opportunities.
  • Use the tools found in the email marketing platform of your choice to gain extra insights and knowledge into your list.
  • Consider partnering with an experienced marketing firm for better results.

What strategy do you find most important when it comes to re-engaging your target audience? Which of the tips in email marketing do you find helpful?


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