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Digital Marketing for Home Builders & Developers: 5 Tips

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Learn the five digital marketing tips to help your home builder or developer business make more sales.

Starting a conversation with a potential home buyer is a great way to build relationships and make sales. For example, targeted email campaigns which include e-newsletter offers, is a tactful way to educate buyers and stay in touch. Continue reading to learn other digital marketing tips and strategies to communicate with your target audience and why it’s so important for home builder and developer marketing.


5 Digital Marketing Tips for Home Builders & Developers:


Tip 1: Tracking Across Channels

Home builders and developers are some of the earliest adapters of digital media to sell homes and build their brands. Tracking home sales and lead conversions across all channels helps brokers, home builders and developers. It helps them by dividing their budget and effort to the best possible platforms and channels.

In my experience, managing this process requires a combination of social media, email, phone calls, face-to-face meetings, online marketing, social networking, print advertising and more. Essentially you need to be tracking all channels you are using for allocating budget and energy.

A singular marketing channel will not help you achieve the desired reach and impact. You must use all means of communication that are relevant to your audience. This is because proper digital marketing can be most cost-effective way to market homes compared to traditional advertising.

Did you know only 1% of contractors report that they use social media on a regular basis? Also consider this: 75% say the effort has helped increase traffic to their website. As you can see, there is a discrepancy between contractor’s efforts and what works. The right digital marketing strategy can help to develop more consistent and effective techniques to drive your business.


Tip 2: Partner with a Marketing Agency

These efforts increase with the help of an experienced marketing agency. There’s a wide range of marketing agencies, products and services to choose from. Partnering with an agency can substantially increase results for your home building business. Your team and a marketing agency could work together to not only build trust, but to also increase the chances of generating effective leads.

With any good marketing firm, you’ll work together to create unique and relevant content to promote your company and houses. A marketing firm knows that your ultimate goal is selling homes so they will lay out a full strategic plan to make that possible for you.


Tip 3: Invest in Social Media 


Facebook allows home builders and developers to communicate with potential homebuyers. In addition, Facebook can be a really great platform to learn more about your target audience, gain consumer insights and measure ROI. Social media ads are also a great opportunity to re-engage those who are already interested in your brand and products.

One of the best ways to showcase your content to a large number of consumers is Facebook Advertising. It allows you to address your target audience based on where you live in your target market.


Another social media consideration is video creation. Show your customers through videos that you are the expert in home building. Keep your target audience up to date with your latest products and promotions through an enticing video. YouTube allows you to create your own channel to showcase all of your videos.


Pinterest allows you to reach new audiences, get closer to your target audience and also offer a whole new level of customer service. Creating infographics is another great way to communicate with your target audience through Pinterest.


Instagram is yet another beneficial platform to add your photography and video content. People tend to browse Instagram to gain ideas on what they want to include in their new custom home and remodeling ideas for their current home. Take advantage of all platforms for best results.


Tip 4: Consider its Importance 

At the risk of sounding redundant, I’d like to stress once again that a solid online presence can increase interaction with of your prospects. This includes a website filled with helpful information, a social media calendar and partnering with an experienced online agency.

A staggering 90% of people go online to research their housing or renovation needs, and 53% of them start their search using a search engine such as Google. An experienced agency can help get you to the top of local search results, and then you will see exactly why the Internet is for business.

Social media for home builders may sound difficult, but it can be one of the most productive ways to communicate with customers online. By creating a social media account, you have the opportunity to talk about the new homes or community your company has built.

Plus, you can discuss innovations in housing, or even mention local events that you will be sponsoring. The possibilities are endless.


Tip 5: Create a Newsletter

A social media tip is to invite your target audience to join your company’s newsletter. One of the many benefits to this is that you can communicate with your subscribers as often as you like. You can even invite them to talk to you in person, which can help you become even more effective.

Which digital marketing strategy discussed above is the most beneficial to you? Let me know in the comments.


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