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FAQs About Home Builder & Developer Marketing (7 Questions Answered)

Home Builder & Developer Marketing
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Learn what SEO, PPC, & retargeting are and how you can gain more qualified traffic to your website.

As a home builder or developer, you manage your construction staff, keep up with hot leads, and stay in close contact with your homebuyers. I understand you don’t have much time to spare, so that’s why I am providing answers to your common questions about home builder and developer marketing.


Home Builder & Developer Marketing 7 Questions Answered:


1. What is the difference between PPC and SEO?

The difference between PPC (pay-per-click) and SEO (search engine optimization) is that PPC is paid for while SEO is organic. This means when you initiate a PPC campaign, you pay Google and whoever manages your campaign directly for your ad placement. With PPC, you receive a monthly or weekly charge from Google based on the number of clicks to your campaign.

SEO, on the other hand, still costs money to maintain and operate yet has the goal of ranking in the top positions on the search engine results page (SERP) in the organic listing section. Most common SEO techniques include adding new content to your home builder or developer site through a news or blog page. Plus, a link building component.

Google, and other search engines, crawl for this content and push it out to your audience and other relevant search queries. It’s best practice to write high quality blog articles, preferably close to 1,000 words that can be seen as a helpful resource for your target audience.


2. How can I get more traffic to my website?

Gaining traffic is seen as a constant challenge in the online marketing realm. It requires a team of experts to evaluate the quality of your website and business initiatives, to determine the best possible techniques to get more people to visit your site.


There are many techniques you can use to gain more traffic to your website:

  • Conduct a PPC campaign
  • Implement SEO strategies
  • Add new and relevant content to your website
  • Use your website as the call to action for your campaigns
  • Include your website in all newsletters, social media posts and other types of advertising
  • Include your website in your email signature to encourage visitation
  • Use social media to push consumers to your website


3. How can I get more people to attend my open house or community events?

Holding an open house for one of your properties is an excellent way to communicate with hot leads and active homebuyers who are interested in your product. But sometimes, it’s hard to get people to come out and tour the homes or property.


Here is a list of ways you can do to get more people to schedule a tour with home builder & developer marketing:

  • Design banner flags and signs to place at the entrance of your property
  • Create and promote an event for it on your website and social media
  • Reach out to interested buyers and hot leads personally to invite them to take a tour via email or phone call
  • Enhance the landscaping and curb appeal of the property
  • Schedule tours at convenient times such as over the weekends to make them easier for your potential buyers
  • Provide your guests with food and beverages after they view the property
  • Listen to their feedback and use their feedback as an opportunity for improvement


4. How do I look for a marketing agency?

You’re the professional home builder / developer and you’re the expert in your field. Marketing is a whole other ballgame that also has its experts and professionals. Once you realize that a marketing agency can help you grow your business at a level you wouldn’t find possible, then you should consider seriously partnering with one.

The best marketing agencies share in your successes. For example, if you ran a marketing campaign and it was extremely beneficial to your goals, then the agency also sees it as a success for their firm.

Three possible ways to find a marketing agency that suits your needs would be to conduct an online local search, ask for referrals from other successful home building brands and request more information from a potential agency.

All of these tactics can help you narrow down the potential marketing agency list from 100 to 10 to reach the perfect fit. You should interview your finalists in person to ensure there is a good synergy with your team and theirs.


5. How many times should I need to post on social media?

Social media has evolved rapidly over recent years. In fact, there are 7 main social media platforms with millions of users on each. Finding the time to not only create the content, but to also post it amongst 7 different platforms, seems like a headache. However, don’t be discouraged because there are ways to post across the board from a single resource.

For example, social media tools such as Sendible, Facebook Creative Studio, and Hootsuite can allow you to schedule your content ahead of time. On average, I recommend my clients to post and cross-post on their social sites at least three times a week. It can vary more depending on a specific event or promotion, but three times a week is manageable and productive.


6. What do I post for social media as a home builder or developer?

Now that you understand frequency, you now need a direction of where to take your content. Home builders and developers have a plethora of social media content. They have a ton of great avenues to inform, engage and entertain their target audiences and followers.


Here is an sample list of some different types of posts you can create for social media:

  • Before and after shots of your latest home product or development
  • A virtual tour of one of your models
  • A series of floor plan images prompting your audience to pick their favorite
  • A series of 3D rendering designs asking your audience on their preferences
  • Congratulating recent and new homebuyers on their purchase
  • Any types of incentives to buy your home including promotions and realtor commissions
  • Philanthropic events to show you give back to the community
  • Announcing the availability in a specific building or development property
  • Community events involving residents


7. What is retargeting and how does it work?

Retargeting is a form of online digital advertising where a cookie is placed on the user’s browser when they visit your website. The cookie tracks their preferences and clicks depending on which retargeting you choose. There are two retargeting methods you need to be aware of to make the best decision: Old Retargeting Methods and New.

The Old Retargeting Methods uses the cookie method but has the ability to remind the user about your brand and products after they leave your website through banner ads that get posted on other sites they visit. It works by using contextual and behavioral retargeting and is sometimes called the “wait and see” approach.

The New Retargeting Methods use more of a  prospecting approach based on the demographics of your target audience. Advanced retargeting firms can push your ads to those who have expressed interest in your products or services or that meet your target criteria. The best advantage of the newer method is that this can be performed in-app, such as a phone or tablet.

Let me know if you have any questions you would want me to answer for you in the comments.


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