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3 Builder Benefits of Partnering With a Marketing Agency

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In this article, you’ll learn the top three community developer benefits of partnering with a digital marketing agency.

When a developer comes across a piece of land and decides to develop a community, a lot goes into the project. The first step is to determine if the property will have single-family homes, multi-dwelling units, or both. Another avenue to explore is the integration of commercial space, making it a mix-use development. Continue reading about builder benefits of partnering with a marketing agency…

Regardless of the direction the development takes, the builder should seriously consider hiring a digital marketing agency.

Let’s face it. A community developer is skilled in designing the community and getting it built. They have little time to focus on marketing until after the work is done. By then, there are homes for sale and units to lease.

It’s important for any development, regardless of size, to have the majority of the properties sold or leased before the project is complete.

Are you a community developer? Keep reading for three ways digital marketing services will work for your next project.


3 Builder Benefits of Partnering With a Marketing Agency:


1. Boost Search Engine Optimization with a Digital Marketing Agency

For any digital marketing strategy to take wings, it must include search engine optimization (SEO). This is how Google recognizes your online content and moves it up the rankings in their search engine result pages.

In addition to keywords and link building, your digital marketing agency will create a knowledge graph for local search results.


2. Social Media Marketing Builder Benefits of Partnering 

Secondly, a digital marketing agency will start marketing the concept of the development before construction begins. They’ll get news coverage via media outlets and blogs.

A key component of digital marketing is social media. This is where you’ll find the bulk of your intended audience.

Digital marketing for community developers requires early notification that your project is on the way. To do this, you’ll want to create social media channels on sites like Facebook and Instagram.

There you can post renderings of the units you’re selling. Target advertising will get the right people to your page. Those interested in buying will subscribe to the pages so they can have the latest updates.

Your project’s renderings will also begin to appear in the right digital spaces to get in front of realtors and other real estate partners. To conclude about this point, one of the many builder benefits of partnering with an agency is that your social media will thrive.


3. Community Development Website

A website is a must-have for your development. This is where you’ll share information about your project and how people can reach your sales or leasing office.

The about page on the site will share all the details about you as the community developer. This will gain the trust of a potential buyer and increase your brand awareness in the industry.

Your blog page is a way to detail the progress of the project. The articles will increase interest. Make sure you post a lot of images and videos so visitors can visualize the property. It’s also best practice to offer blog content that describes the surrounding area so potential buyers have a greater sense of what your community offers inside and out. In other words, help them to understand the whole picture.


Exceed Your Expectations with Digital Marketing

A digital marketing agency knows how to get your properties in front of your target audience. Once they understand your goals, they’ll design a plan specific for your project.

Don’t stress over how you’ll market your development. Focus on what you do best and partner with an experienced marketing partner to make your next project a successful one. Click here to contact me so I can help you get on track with the right marketing strategy.

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