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9 trends and features to consider adding to your next single-family home construction project.

Did you know there are approximately 853,000 single-family building permits in the US? This number represents the need and accumulation the consumer has for single-family homes. In this article, we will look into which single-family home features are trending and which ones are the most desired by the market for you to consider incorporating, into your home product.

Before you strategize on your next plans for getting more single-family homebuyers as clients, you must understand what they want in a home. To begin with, common modern-day trends include altering not only the size of the home, but also preferences in style, look, and efficiency.

Did you know the size of the average home has been decreasing slightly throughout the years. In 2015, the average size was approximately 2,689 square feet and now it’s approximately 2,576 square feet. In fact, the house size peaked in 2015 and this decrease has been part due to keeping the cost of a home affordable.

Regarding to the style of homes, market trends show many homebuyers prefer a modern farmhouse look and feel with exposed natural wood, wireless controls, and wall mounted sinks. Let’s take a look at more single-family home must-haves for you to consider including into your next floor plans, deigns in your future home development or community projects.


9 Features Single-Family Homebuyers Want:


1. Hurricane-proof windows

Gone are the days where you hang up plywood on your windows and doors before a massive storm or hurricane. Single-family homebuyers want hurricane-proof windows for the safety and security of their loved ones.


2. Energy Star appliances

High-end appliances that are energy efficient are highly desirable for most clients looking to purchase either a single-family home or a multifamily home. And, more than half of homebuyers are looking for stainless steel appliances. Not only do are they cost-effective for the consumer, but they also last longer than basic, standardized appliances due to the resilience of stainless steel.


3. Walk-in closets and pantries

Do you ever get lost in finding that perfect outfit or ingredients in one of your closets? Make your clients’ everyday life easier by constructing walk-in closets and pantries to make their storage solutions more efficient. Everyone can use more space for storage, especially when it’s a very organized space.


4. Outdoor living space

It’s a current trend for 2018 and 2019 new homes to feature an ample amount of outdoor living space. I’m talking about lavish patios, luxurious pools, and high-quality grills and not just a hot tub in the corner of the backyard. For example, you can construct a fire pit, an outdoor kitchen or even an outdoor bar to enhance consumers’ outdoor lifestyle.


5. Exterior lighting

Everyone wants to come home to a well-lit home. Be sure to consider lights on not only the exterior of the home, but also on the landscaping and walkways. This will help your clients always feel welcomed and more secure at their home no matter the time of day. Plus, it will make your new homes stand out from the rest of the neighborhood at night.


6. Open floor plans

An open floor plan has been a must-have item for many years now. In fact, 86% of home buyers want their kitchen and dining rooms to be either completely or partially opened. Parents love an open floor plan. This allows them to keep an eye on the little ones while making dinner or participating in other daily duties. It also helps to make your floor plans feel more spacious.


7. White on white in kitchens and bathrooms

Even though every client has a specific set of color preferences, white on white counters and cabinets are becoming more and more popular. Incorporate a nice and clean, polished feel in the rooms of your next construction project.


8. Eco-friendly features

Most people can agree they would rather own a home with eco-friendly features than own one without. Some specific features to include in the next home you build are blown-in cellulose wall insulation, customized controlled sprinkler systems, and high-efficiency windows.


9. Fun Room Features

There is always a room in every house which lets your clients truly let go of their daily stresses. This “fun” room can be either an art room, man cave, movie theater or child’s playroom. Adding an extra room to your next home floor plans can be customizable to anything your client’s heart desires.

Next time you have a new development, community or even a single lot for construction, consider the above features and trends. Latest technology and energy-efficient features are forever improving. So, it’s best to stay on top of the current trends while they are hot.


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