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Dos and Don’ts of Making a Video Brochure for Home Builders

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In this article, you’ll learn key dos and don’ts when it comes to making a video brochure for home builder marketing.

In the construction industry, only about 35% of small businesses make it through their 5th year. About 14% of all small businesses do not make it due to ineffective marketing. Incorporating unique marketing techniques, like video brochures, expands your reach by making you visible to bigger proportions of your target market. Continue reading about making a video brochure for home builders to advance your marketing.

What is a video brochure?

A video brochure stands out from the crowd. It is a card-based product that contains both printed content with pictures, information, and a video about your home building business. They contain USB memory and a sound chip to hold video content and offer a rich sound experience.

Read on to learn what you should and should not do when creating this form of digital advertisement.


Do Consult a Marketing Professional 

Though you know your business inside and out, you rely on others to take care of the aspects that fall outside of your expertise. You build homes for people, but a Realtor sells that home, and a mortgage broker comes in to help the buyer finance the home, etc.

Just as you need your homes to sell, but do not take on that responsibility, you need your business to be seen, but should not manage all of your own marketing.

Enlisting the expertise of a marketing consultant or agency that will help you successfully navigate the market to reach your target customers. With their help, you will discover your strengths and weaknesses and create unique solutions for a successful advertising strategy.


Don’t Skimp on Quality

Fair or not, the consumer will equate the quality of your brochure with the value of your home-building skills. Do not present something that seems cheaply constructed.

Instead, opt for high-quality technology that will impress your potential buyers. Choose a video screen with a sharp picture and large enough size that does not force the viewer to stuggle to see your message. You also want high-quality printing so the pictures and text appear professional.


Do Not Create Visual Overload When Making a Video Brochure

Think of the way you want a model home set up. It should appear clean and open, with appropriate decoration but not so much that it appears cluttered. The Realtor offers all the other details. Minimize the text and pictures to just the basics and let your video present the other selling points.


Do Show Off Your Unique Brand

Most consumers do not buy products. They buy brands that come with a voice that they understand and connect with.

One of the biggest marketing mistakes is creating generic and inauthentic advertisements. Your true brand voice and finished homes should shine through.


Do Not Forget a Call to Action

A beautiful brochure will go nowhere if you don’t direct your consumer somewhere. Create a clear and concise call to action. For example, you may say “Visit our model home located at…”. Or perhaps, “Call us today for a personal tour”.


Let Your Video Brochure Sell You

You put a piece of yourself into every home you build. Create a professional, high-quality video brochure that sells you and your company over your competition, and then people will want your homes.

I want to help you by offering over 30 years of my personal marketing experience with home building and development. Contact me today so we can work through your home building and marketing challenges together.


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