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Video Brochures (6 Reasons for Home Builders & Developers)

video brochures
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Learn the six best times for when video brochures will be the most beneficial.

Have you heard of video brochures before? They are exactly what they sound like, a card-like marketing piece that folds like a brochure and plays a video upon opening. Each video brochure is hand-assembled and can be customized to fit your needs. For instance, you can adjust the size, video content, button options, and many more features.

Video brochures are becoming the new trend for promoting a specific product or service. There are more advantages to video brochures that go far beyond the more traditional marketing tactics.

In fact, 43% of people want to see more video content from marketers and product videos can increase purchases by a whopping 144%. In this article, you’ll learn opportunities to utilize video for brochures to experience these stats for yourself.


How to Use Video Brochures:


1. New product launch  

Promoting a new product launch with a video brochure is sure to generate a buzz. After all, video brochures play a video and keep your target audience engaged with something they can physically hold in their hands.

Your audience will be entertained and impressed with not only the video brochure itself, but more importantly it will showcase your great new product in an engaging way.


2. Text can’t do it justice

Do you have a certain service or product in mind that just can’t be explained with text alone? Try a video brochure! Sometimes explaining a home’s architecture via text and copy does not do it justice. Instead of telling your audience how wonderful your services or products are, show them with a captivating video.


3. External events  

Planning to attend a build expo or developer conference in the near future? Order some video brochures to help better market your company. Think of it this way: If you are an attendee of a big conference. You are walking around admiring the many booths, which one will grab your attention more? Someone who gives you a video brochure about their company or someone who simply gives a business card? The video will win every time.


4. Community marketing

Video brochures are excellent for community marketing as well. Most communities have a large amount of acreage and you can utilize a drone to create videos of your community’s features.

Your target audience can have a better understanding and appreciation for what you have to offer them. After creating the drone-inspired videos, you can not only use them for video brochures, but also for your website and social media content.


5. Realtor events

Realtor-only events are beneficial in general for allowing the Realtors in your area to be informed about your newly built homes or developed community. These events can be even more beneficial for you as a home builder if you give your Realtors a video brochure.

The more information Realtors have about your products or services, the better the chance they will convert more prospects into buyers.


6. Grand opening

Video brochures are a perfect avenue for promoting the grand opening of your business, a new community or even an award-winning home. Keep in mind that although video brochures can be cost-effective for what they are, they’re best for promoting a wide array of features.

In other words, you might have difficulty finding enough video content for a small project or a home on the market that’s selling for under a million dollars.

Still on the fence about video brochures? I highly recommend at least getting a sample brochure so you can see first-hand how powerful they can be. Consider ordering them in varying sizes. So when it’s time to order in bulk, your team has a better idea of which options work best for your organization and how they function.


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