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Exit-Intent Scripts: How to Apply Them for Home Builders & Developers

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In this article, you’ll learn the definition of an Exit-Intent Popup. Plus the benefits of exit-intent scripts, and how to implement one on your website as a home builder or developer.

Do you know what the bounce rate score of your home builder or developer website is? A bounce rate score is an average number of bounces across all of your pages divided by the total number of visits across all of those pages within the same period of time. Continue reading to learn how to improve your bounce rate with an exit-intent script as a home builder or developer. You will also learn the many benefits of exit-intent scripts for home builders.

All businesses strive for a low bounce rate. This is because a low bounce rate means your website visitors are finding the content they’re searching for. It also means they’re staying on your site longer. A high bounce rate could mean that there’s an issue with your website, with your website’s design, usability, SEO/content, or functionality. Whatever the reason, you need to learn what is causing the problem and resolve it to keep potential new customers from leaving before they get to know your business.

To give you a better idea of bounce rates, a bounce rate in the range of 26% to 40% is considered excellent, 41% to 55% is roughly average, and 56% to 70% is higher than average. Anything over 70% can be alarming for your pages beyond your blog, news, and events pages. As a home builder or developer, you can achieve a better bounce rate score by adding an exit-intent script.


Definition of Exit-Intent Script:

An exit-intent popup script is an HTML window that displays dynamically when a visitor goes to close your website window. The movement of the mouse on the screen for the user is tracked. When the cursor moves outside of the upper page boundary, the popup is triggered. This popup is the exit-intent script and can have content aimed to keep visitors stay on your site.

When creating an exit-intent script, be sure to include a call to action statement that clearly states what you want the visitor to do on your website. For example, this might be to sign up for your monthly newsletter, to check out your move-in ready models, or it could be a submission form to schedule a tour. Whatever the action is, make sure it is a clear and simple action. This way you can quickly change the visitor’s action from departing the site and potentially never returning.


Top Benefits of Exit-Intent Scripts for Home Builders:


Increases User Interaction

Exit-intent popups are beneficial for websites because it not only helps with bounce rate, but it also ignites user interaction, engagement and offers you a chance to grow your list of prospects. Exit-intent popups are a last-ditch effort to keep your prospective homebuyer on your website, so you have the opportunity to convert them from a casual visitor to a buyer.


Makes Your Visitors Feel Wanted

Everyone wants to feel appreciated and exit-intent popup/script will help make customers feel wanted by asking them to connect more to your business. Some exit-intent scripts offer special promotions or pro tips, which are a value-adding strategy for the prospect. For instance, this could be a free consultation at your design center, a higher percentage of cut for your Realtor partners, or any other incentive program you’re currently running.


Increased Chance Prospects Will Stay on Your Website

If a user sees a special promotion or value-added statement when they are about to leave your website, it will make them reconsider staying longer to learn more about the special promotion and your company. They will have a higher chance of looking more into it with due to the exit-intent script.


Showcase a New Model Home or Product for Benefits of Exit-Intent Scripts

Did you just finish building new a home or condominium project? Exit-intent scripts can display your new products to your website visitors before they leave your site. Technically, you can add any type of content in your exit-intent script depending on your digital marketing goals. From unique offers to event invites to showcasing a new home, consider all of these strategies for your exit-intent popup script. Do you have any questions about the benefits of exit-intent scripts? Let me know in the comments.


How to Apply Exit-Intent Scripts for Home Builders & Developers:


1. Partner with an Agency

There are many ways to implement an exit-intent popup as a home builder or developer. The first suggestion is to partner up with your new or current digital marketing team for them to implement the script for you. They’ll help to develop a strategy for using the scripts to both reduce bounce rates and drive engagement.

This is the easiest of the methods because you’ll work directly with the web development experts to display the content properly. The creative manager will work with you to create the copy and purpose of the popup, while the web developer writes the script code in the backend.


2. Find an Effective Plugin for your Exit-Intent Scripts

The next best route to take if you don’t have a digital marketing expert on your team is to find an effective plugin for exit scripts. There are a number of options online you can choose from. So, be sure to do some research to know which one will be most compatible with not only your website but also with your target audience.


Here’s a list of some Exit-Intent Plugins:


3. Build it Yourself with Visual Composer

This third option involves the most effort of the three as it requires you to know how to navigate your WordPress site admin. First, you need to be sure your website is compatible with visual composer.  This is a free drag and drop visual editor to create a professional website.

Bear in mind that although this can be relatively quick and easy, it might break your website in the long term. After you’re logged into WordPress with Visual Composer installed, you open the page in which you want to implement the popup. Then you go to the Visual Composer hub and look for the Add-ons section. In the Add-ons section, scroll down to find Popup Builder.

Install Popup Builder then return to your WordPress dashboard and look for Popup Builder within the Visual Composer tab on the left-hand side. You then select Add New and it provides you the information by which you can create and customize your exit-intent popup.

If you want to implement an exit-intent popup, follow one of these three options. Remember the many benefits of incorporating an exit-intent popup. Good luck converting your prospects and improving your bounce rate score.

Have you implemented an Exit-Intent Popup? Let me know in the comments below.


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