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Home Builder & Developer Marketing [What to Include on Your Website]

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Making your website mobile-friendly and easy to navigate are the first steps in creating a successful website for home builder marketing.

Living in this digital world, it is a requirement that every business creates a website that captivates their audience, this holds especially true for home builder marketing. Research tells us that between 70% to 80% of all people research a company online before visiting or making a purchase with them.

The Internet is filled with people from every walk of life. Companies require a quality website with marketing value, no other advertising platform can reach. Building an attractive, branded website can increase visibility, provide your audience with useful information about your company, and showcase your business’s achievements.

There are several other features home builders can add to your website, but these are key to laying the foundation of successful online marketing. A website that is mobile-friendly with a captivating homepage, high-quality imagery, and contact information is necessary for building a stellar website for your business.


Home Builder Marketing – Creating a Perfect Website:


1. Make it Mobile-Friendly

It seems like everyone is attached to their phone nowadays. In fact, mobile usage is expected to increase from two hours to three hours daily by 2020.

This increase in mobile usage is driven by millennials, Gen Z, and the growing number of older adults purchasing a smartphone. Don’t waste time and energy creating the perfect website for your company if it can’t be accessed through a smartphone or tablet.


2. An Attractive Homepage

What do you want your clients to see first on your website? The homepage is a landing zone where a visitor gets their first impression of your company. Homepages should attract potential clients to dig deeper into your website. Not lead them astray with vague messaging and a bland appearance. Be direct and inviting when designing the homepage to appeal to your audience quickly.

A good home builder homepage establishes the identity of your company. Also, it’s simple to navigate and keeps the important information ‘above the fold’. ‘Above the fold’ on the Internet means the part of the homepage that is immediately visible in a browser. This is the part of your page where the visitors see without scrolling and is important to capture visitor’s interest.

Another key tip in having an ideal homepage is to keep it simple. Having too much information, colors or out-of-the-box popups thrown at your visitors is intimidating. It can also easily turn away potential clients.

The top five web fonts for all businesses are Verdana, Georgia, Arial, Tahoma and Times New Roman. Which are clean legible, but there are now thousands of fonts available to offer just the right look you desire.


3. Include a Gallery

What do all home building clients want to see in a website? Pictures of homes – inside and out – as well as your company. In the gallery section of your business’s website include images of home exteriors, interiors, and floorplans as well as lifestyle images. Your clients will thank you for giving them the opportunity of viewing different options at the touch of a button.

Along with simple pictures of homes, adding virtual tours of move-in ready homes is highly advantageous. A virtual tour gives the prospect or client firsthand experience without leaving their seat. Some programs to help your team create a virtual tour include Concept3D, 360 Virtual Tour Service and YouVisit.

Clients will also want to see the surrounding neighborhood. Such as if there are any community events, great schools, and friendly neighbors. Be sure to showcase all of the amenities that are likely to appeal to your buyers. So, they have a better sense of what the area has to offer. Home builders can add lifestyle images to the gallery to show potential homebuyers what it is really like to live in one of their properties too.


4. Include a Portfolio

A portfolio on a company’s website showcases past work. By including a portfolio section on your website can help with strengthening your credibility to your audience. Emphasize your team’s achievements, past work, and experience. This is where your business can stand out from the rest of the competition.

Although it is great to be humble, the portfolio section on your website has the sole goal of highlighting the most impressive aspects of your company. Some examples of what to include in a portfolio are selected homes, a map of where your company has sold the most houses, and any awards your firm has earned.


5. Contact Page

Ok, so you grabbed the attention of your clients, now what? Make it easy for them to contact you. Supply your contact page with your firm’s address, phone number and hours of operation. If your business is hard to find, include a map. For instance, lay out detailed instructions on how to navigate easily to your office locations.

Along with the basic contact information for your home builder firm, including social media icons in the contact us section of your website. A social media icon is an easy way of linking visitors to your social sites. This is where your audience can easily access your firm’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. to learn more and see what others have to say as well.


6. Available Now/Move-in Ready

Lastly, a company’s website needs to be always up-to-date. An important section to add to your company’s website is an available now page. This shows your visitors which homes are available for purchase or move-in ready. After years of being in the real estate business, I can honestly say this section is the most visited one out of any other webpage.

These are some key web designing techniques you and your home builder marketing team need to consider while constructing and formatting your website. Above all, every home builder needs to have these features if they want a successful brand.


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