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Event Promotion [12 Ideas for a Home Builder or Developer Marketing Event]

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Easy to understand event promotion tips and tricks for home builders.

How do you find out about events you attend? Through event promotion and marketing techniques. Applying effective marketing techniques to your next event can come with many benefits. For example, promoting your upcoming event can help increase ticket sales and ultimately help business for home builders.

Although there are many benefits that come with marketing and promotion, there are also many challenges. Some of the challenges you might face when promoting an event include a limited budget, a lack of time, and a low interest from your target market. The last thing you want is to cancel the event due to poor planning and not enough funding.

If all goes wrong, take the event as a learning opportunity and apply the changes to your next one. These challenges can also be reduced to minor speed bumps with the right planning, steps, and execution by your company. A successful home builder marketing event will be worth it in the long run, especially looking at your return on investment (ROI).


Here are the ways for fixing the most common challenges that come with event promotion and marketing:


1. Create an event website page

When most home builders start planning for an event, they create and feature an event page on their website. An event page lists all important details about the program and can draw in website traffic, boost organic visits, and potentially convert event guests to turn into clients by offering great content about your event.


2. Consistent messaging throughout

Not only does your promotional content have to be high quality, but the messaging also has to be consistent. There should be no question as to where, when, and how the event will take place on all media platforms. Keeping the content consistent will also help with brand management and cohesiveness with the market.


3. Highlight a charity

If the budget is one of your major concerns, then partner with a local charity. People love supporting a great cause and it can bring positive awareness to the organization of your choosing. Make it worthwhile by donating a portion of the event proceeds to the foundation.


4. Spark event interest with your target audience

Since one of the hardest challenges of event marketing is getting people interested, this step is critical for attendance and for executing a successful event. A way you can spark interest is to utilize event discovery sites such as Eventbrite, Cvent, XING Events, Eventzilla, Ticket Tailor and more to create interest.


5. Generate a buzz through event promotion 

Along with sparking an interest, generating a buzz with collateral, videos, and pictures can help fuel your attendance. The earlier you can get people talking about your home builder marketing event, the better. When getting the word out, be sure to use both online and offline marketing efforts.


6. Connect with the press

The press can make a huge difference in the promotion of your marketing event. Connect with the media by writing a press release about the details of the event, inviting journalists, and list it as one of the upcoming events in your local city’s calendars if possible.


7. Create social opportunities around your event

Your guests want to mix and mingle, so let’s give them the opportunity to do so. For example, host a mixer before the event, attach a happy hour at the end of your event, or even insert break times in-between speaker sessions. This also gives your firm’s employees the chance to meet with existing clients and potential clients face to face.


8. Take advantage of all social media networks

The power of social media is amazing in this digital age. In fact, more people are on social media more than ever before.


Here are several ways to incorporate social media in each stage of the event promotion planning process:

Before the event:
  • Create a hashtag for all social media networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.)
  • Create a Facebook event – include all pre and post-events.
  • Tag key speakers and influencers.
  • Like/Retweet people who are excited to attend the event.
During the event:
  • Use the created hashtag in all live posts.
  • Shoot live videos and feature them on IGTV, Facebook Live, and YouTube.
  • Create live tweets of the next speaker, break times, and other important agenda-related information.
  • Like/Retweet people who use the hashtag and mention positive attributes to the event.
After the event:
  • Use live videos to create a recap video.
  • Create and post a thank-you status for the guests and speakers on all social media platforms.
  • Create a survey and post the survey link on all social media networks.
  • Like/Retweet any last tweets with the event hashtag.


9. Create easy registration and auto-response email alerts

Did you know Artificial Intelligence Tools can send personalized emails to all people who express interest in your event? Program AI to send out registration information about your event, reminders about the timing of the event, and thank-you emails when the event is completed.


10. Be personal

When attending a marketing event as a guest, they might feel intimidated or unsure where to go. You can help make all your guests feel comfortable by providing them with name tags, strategically placed signs to navigate the venue, and giving them opportunities to meet attendees and your employees.


11. Create pre and post-event blogs

Many home builder firms already have a blog section on their website, so why not add two more posts? By creating several blogs solely dedicated to your marketing event – one before the event and one after the event – you can give your target audience an insight perspective of how the event will be executed.


12. Consider direct mail for your event promotion

Remember how excited you were when you used to get mail as a child? Contrary to popular belief, direct mail is not dead. It’s actually a great, cost-effective way for your guests to receive a physical invitation to your home builder event. Incorporating direct mail into your event marketing and promotions can help to spark interest in your target market as well.


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