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How to Create a Home Builder or Developer Marketing Event [in 13 Ways]

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Check out these 13 tips to set up your home builder marketing event for success.

When was the last time you attended a home builder marketing event? Even though planning for an event requires extensive work, your firm might win big. An event can bring in more business, expose your firm to new clients, and can certainly drive website traffic to improve your firm’s online traffic.

In fact, event marketing continues to be one of the most important marketing strategies to date. Event marketing gives home builders the chance to meet your clients in person, gain partnerships, and communicate with the media. It gives your business the ability to convey the right message at the right time to the right audience.


Here are 13 ways which can help you with planning a home builder marketing event:


1. Website enhancement

In order to reap the benefits of a successful marketing event, you must create an event page or a website specific to the event. This gives your target audience an avenue for ticket sales, a place for catch-all information about the event and helps drive website traffic to your site.


2. Writing

Along with making your website appealing to your target audience, your written content for the event has to be compelling. Make your target market want to attend the event through a captivating voice and message. Also include the topics of  the speaker or speakers, time, place, what types of people would be attending, and activities.


3. Set a budget

Setting a budget and sticking to it is easily one of the most important aspects of planning an event. As many of you already know, planning for a marketing event is not inexpensive. When deciding on a budget, keep in mind the following costs: venue/event space, speaker, food/drinks, marketing/social media, logistics, and team’s salary.


4. Home builder marketing event brand

Every marketing event has a brand, a logo, an image. This will be shared over social media, attached in the event flyers, scattered through the event itself and in all other content related to the event. It’s advised to make the event brand recognizable and unique. Create a simple logo and a catchy tagline to connect the event to your target market.


5. Send personal email invites

Did you know Artificial Intelligence (AI) can make it easy to communicate to your target market?  AI can customize the email invites and e-blasts to make it personal for each of your potential event attendees. Be sure to make the email invite mobile-friendly and attach a link to guests to buy tickets or RSVP.


6. Create an event schedule

Ok so you want to have a full marketing event for your company, but what is it going to be about? An event schedule is a unique agenda where you lay out the goals of the event, what each activity is, and the guest speaker(s) lineup. This is also a great way to let your guests know what to expect.


7. Pick the right speaker

When selecting the event speakers or key influencers, make sure they are relevant to the event brand and interesting to your target audience. It’s best to have multiple speakers or influencers to supply the guests with different backgrounds and perspectives to the home building market.


8. Speaker promotions

After recruiting the perfect team of speakers or influencers, promote their qualifications in the event’s marketing efforts. Include bios and what they can do for the audience in all written content such as your event page, the event schedule, and email invites.


9. Team up with sponsorships

If you have ever been to a full home builder marketing event before, you are probably familiar with the many sponsors and booths/tables that are combined with it. Sponsorships can give collateral and promotional codes to guests to have a chance to grow their business as well. By teaming up with others you not only enhance the experience but also have more chances to promote your event.


10. Include food and drink

There is a debate with adding food to full marketing events. Some say to provide as little food as possible to get the guests focused on the speaker and their points. Others say include high-quality food or even a cocktail hour to give your guests an opportunity to mix and mingle. Whatever route your firm chooses, keep the budget in mind.


11. Quality pictures

An event can provide you with an immense amount of future marketing material. The best way to get event-related material is to hire a professional photographer/videographer. The photographer can take action shots of the speakers then use the pictures and videos for social media, website content, and visuals to add to your written content.


12. Pick the perfect location

There are always multiple locations to choose from that are potentially perfect for your home building marketing event. Here is a list of venues which might suite your business:

  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Event Facilities
  • Performing arts centers
  • Museums
  • Don’t have money in the budget for a venue? Create a webinar event.


13. Team effort

It takes a team to plan for a full-blown marketing event. It’s advised to ensure everyone on your team knows their role and has an ample amount of business cards. All members in your company can all grow their network and benefit from the event. Make sure everyone dresses professionally and are courteous with clients.

Planning for a home building marketing event is hard and requires all hands-on-deck. These tips can help make the event be as successful as it can potentially be. Don’t forget about the many benefits that come along after the event takes place. Your next event can bring in more clients and really drive sales through the roof.


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