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Home Builders & Developers Pinterest Marketing Plan [12 Step Guide]

home builders Pinterest marketing plan Moscow, Russia - August 9, 2013: Man hands holding iPad with Pinterest app. Pinterest is a pinboard-style photo sharing website that allows users to create and manage theme-based image collections such as events, interests, hobbies, and more.
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Pinterest has simple navigation, inspiring boards, and an interactive interface which could be exactly what is missing in your marketing plan. Here is a home builders Pinterest marketing plan for you.

Pinterest is a great platform to add informative content and to communicate with the target market. Pinterest has approximately 250 million users and has recently experienced a 27% increase in fortune 500 accounts. It’s expected that even more home builders are catching onto the Pinterest for business trend.

Home builders need to create a Pinterest for a business account to keep up with the competition. Some advantages to having a Pinterest account include increasing referral traffic and by supplying a heavy purchasing power to the consumer. In actuality, Pinners use Pinterest in deciding what to buy and refer to their pins while shopping for products.

Pinterest for business is not the same as Pinterest for personal use. Pinterest for business has analytics, used for tracking your audience, interactive pins, and other ways to better improve your social and SEO (search engine optimization).


Read these twelve steps and techniques to ensure your home builders Pinterest marketing plan can thrive:


1. Discover analytics

This is the perfect tool to learn more about what your customers want. It measures traffic, takes note of which content is getting the most attention, and gives you key insights into other channels. This is very beneficial when measuring the strength of a campaign.


2. Keep up with trends

Not only does Pinterest provide you with audience analytics, but it also informs you of emerging trends and popular products within your industry – home building. In real time, Pinterest updates with popular keywords and trends to help its users understand the market better.


3. Create popular Pins

If your questioning if social media can impact sales think again. On average, 59% of millennials have discovered products on Pinterest and 90% of weekly users use Pinterest to make purchase decisions. Popular content also can help with your SEO. By creating popular Pins, you can potentially generate more sales to your business, while also improving your website traffic.


4. Create boards for home builders Pinterest marketing

What is a Pinterest board? Pinterest boards allow people to organize their Pins in different ideas or interests. Boards also show your target market what home builders are all about. Here you can place for-sale houses, your firm’s business goals, and other home builder information your followers might find helpful. So, create boards to promote your company and reap the benefits


5. Include instructographics

Instructographics are just like infographics but only for Pinterest. Popular home builder marketing examples include home improvement projects, how to hire a contractor, top 5 reasons why you need a realtor and so on. Don’t just give your followers a bland image, educate them with your firm’s skills and credibility with an instructographic that they will find informational and visually engaging


6. Best times to post

Why spend all this energy trying to market effectively if no one will see it? The best times to pin depend on who you are trying to reach. Try out a few different times on your own and use analytics to assess the results and find the best times to post to reach your audience. Every home builder is different, and you must find the ideal time that suits your business the best.

To give you a starting point, 2pm-4pm, 8pm-11pm and Saturday mornings are typically the most ideal. Pinterest also claims that the best times for American businesses to post is during the weekend. Also of interest, is that Pins last forever so once you upload content to your account, it has an evergreen value and can contribute positively to your site’s SEO and web exposure.


7. Attach a Pinterest plugin

On every home builder’s website, there is either a “contact us” or “connect with us” page. Here, it lists the company’s contact information as well as their social media profiles. Attaching a Pinterest plugin by using WordPress or Pinterest directly can allow users to follow your Pinterest account, which can expand your market reach even more.


8. Engage with your audience

Engagement is critical in increasing loyalty. Loyalty can bring a business high-quality reviews and client relationships that last. To engage with your target market on Pinterest, reply to comments, follow your clients back, and answer any questions they might have about your business.


9. Use promoted Pins for home builders Pinterest marketing

Promoted Pins are Pinterest ads which allow your home builder account to be viewed by more people and help increase exposure. In fact, half of Pinterest users say they buy something after seeing a promoted pin. This can vastly increase your business and traffic over time.


10. Pin consistently

For a successful Pinterest marketing plan for home builders, one pin a week is not enough. In fact, Pinterest recommends that your business posts pins at least once per day, during your peak times. This social network also prioritizes those accounts who post more consistency. A tip to help home builders is to create Pins in advance and pin them over several days and not all at once.


11. Connect the account to your website

Pinterest has Rich Pins which are enhanced Pins that pull information directly from your website. Rich Pins can be anything from your business’s products to blog articles. Connecting your Pinterest account to your website is a powerful strategy for SEO and helps organically build traffic.


12. Build influencer relationships

Express your interest by leaving personal comments and by following influencer home builder boards. It’s a win-win when you collaborate with trendsetters by sharing the spotlight, understanding their strategy, and by promoting your marketing plan on their profile.

These are just a few of the many approaches you can take with Pinterest. Whether you use all twelve steps or just one, you are actively making a difference in the way home builders are seen by the public.


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