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12 Marketing Event Hacks for Home Builders & Developers (Pre, During, and Post Event)

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A successful home builder event has phases every firm should prioritize.

Planning a marketing event for home builders can be tough. You have to pay immense attention to detail, keep up with deadlines, and coordinate a program your attendees will look forward to. It takes a village to plan a successful marketing event.


A solution for every home builder is to have three marketing event phases – pre, during, and post event:


Pre-Event Marketing

The pre-event phase is the foundation of any endeavor. During this phase, home builders should determine goals, plan a budget, select a venue, and properly strategize your marketing efforts. Below is each step in more detail.


1. Determine Goals

The pre-event phase is the most important step in planning a marketing event. During this phase, you should determine the event’s goals. Do you want to increase the reach of your brand or awareness? Close more sales? Promote a specific product? Set these goals in advance and communicate it clearly with the whole team.


2. Plan a Budget

Once your company sets the goals of the event, you need to plan for a budget. There are several items which need to be included in the budget such as speaker costs, marketing promotions, and venue space. A tip to help pay for the budget is to include sponsorships, as well as other participants who can set up their own booths and pass out collateral to help offset the overall event costs.


3. Pick a Venue

The venue space can easily take up most of your budget. Here is a list of example venues for your reference:

  • Downtown hubs
  • Hotels
  • Local restaurants
  • Business clubs
  • At your own business
  • No location? Webinars are a great option.


4. Measure the Effectiveness

In this phase, don’t forget to finalize your marketing program and to distribute invitations at least one month out in advance. Keep in mind the power behind social media as well. Your home builder marketing event can measure click-through rates on emails, social media impressions, and engagement to track the progress of your marketing event to gauge the number of participants.


During Event 

You might think the planning is over with this phase but think again. There is still much to do even while the event is actually taking place. You need to ensure you capture the moment, post of social media, generate live posts, and provide excellent customer service.


5. Capture the Moment

This next phase is during the event itself. This is when it’s happening live and for better or worse, it’s all about capturing the moment. When you are in the middle of an event, be sure you have a professional photographer to take quality pictures. You can then use these images for social media content, post-event marketing, and to promote future events.


6. Post on Social Media

Speaking of social media, it is crucial to use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram during the event. Facebook has a feature called Facebook Live where you can broadcast what is happening during the event. Instagram offers IGTV where you can also post live. In addition, your business can create Twitter hashtags of the event. All of these avenues offer you a way to broadcast your event in real time.


7. Generate Live Statuses

You can also live Tweet important event information, retweet guests who are posting content, and have your guests follow your home builder account for promotions during the show. Whatever you decide to post on social media, make it relevant to the event or to your business so it is cohesive messaging.


8. Provide Customer Service

Besides social media, there are other aspects to event planning home builders need to consider during the program. Make sure to have an in-person site check, sign-in list for future invitations, and name cards for the guests.

Also, it’s best to provide food and refreshments for your guests. Notepads are also a great touch for people to retain the speaker’s information and they can even be branded with your company logo for a greater, lasting impression.


Post-Event Marketing

Are you tired of the event yet? This phase deems how successful future events will be as well as allows you to evaluate how the event went. During this phase, your company needs to prioritize time, make a survey, create videos, and add final details for your attendees.


9. Save Time and Money

This is the last phase of the marketing event process when the fun is over. From a savings standpoint, it’s best to keep all promotional items for future events. You just spent a great deal of energy, time, and money on one event so why not save what you have made for next time. Keep in mind to only save material that can be reused.


10. Develop a Survey

Then you should collect all of the information from the event and create a post-event survey to send to the attendees in a timely manner. Receiving feedback from your attendees is a great way to improve the quality of your company’s future events.


11. Create Recap Video

Another great way to improve during this phase is to create a recap video with all of the collected material. This is ideal for those people who couldn’t attend the event and even better to post on social media or your website. Tie in videos, pictures, and upbeat music to generate exposure and the possibility of obtaining leads from this media.


12. Final Details

Last, but not least, send thank-you emails or hand-written notes to the attendees to thank them for participating. When sending thank-you emails, attach any power points or keynotes from the speaker in case someone wanted to reference the main ideas. When analyzing the program, take note of improvements to better the experience for your next event.

These phases should be followed for all marketing events. Have your home builder business take these steps seriously to ensure your firm is performing at its best and setting yourself up for success.


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