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14 Ways Home Builders & Developers Can Market [to Baby Boomers]

baby boomer marketing
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Gain more baby boomers as clients to your business with these tips.

Did you know that baby boomers got their name from the sense of relief after the depression and World War 2? Born between 1945 and 1965, baby boomers might be your older sister or even one of your parents. Baby boomers make up 77 million individuals in the United States and there are many ways your home building business can market to this classic demographic.

Baby boomers are an excellent demographic to target for your home building business’s marketing efforts. In general, they are the wealthiest, most active, and have the most disposable income of the current generations. Home builders can take advantage of this sizeable demographic and market to baby boomers by following these marketing techniques…


14 Marketing Techniques for Baby Boomers:


1. Create an easy to navigate website 

Firstly, while some baby boomers might be approaching retirement, that doesn’t mean they fall behind on the current Internet trends. Baby boomers are smart and know how to find information on the Internet, don’t allow them leave your home builder website because it’s cumbersome to navigate.


2. Make your website mobile friendly

Secondly, the younger baby boomers are more likely to have a smartphone than older individuals. However, that means most are up to date with their personal technology. In fact, more than half of baby boomers that are 70+ years old have a smartphone. They have embraced the digital world with the help of younger generations and therefore you need to be sure your site functions well on mobile devices in order to match their needs.


3. Stay away from click-bait  

Don’t make your home building business’s ad look like an ad. Most baby boomers are not even going to bother to engage if they see a flashy ad. It’s best to keep all marketing efforts simple and clean when directly targeting baby boomers. Click–bait will only give your audience a reason to go elsewhere with their business.


4. Provide baby boomers with safety and security  

Like most people, baby boomers want to live in a safe neighborhood. Advertising the security features of a community or in a neighborhood can be an appealing selling point to your audience. There is also an app called Life 360 which pinpoints any criminals in a particular area. Use Life 360 as a tool when showing them safe neighborhoods where you build your houses to offer them a sense of security.


5. Showcase the established areas

Boomers want to live in a place that reflects who they are. An established neighborhood with adult trees, sidewalks, and curbs are what most baby boomers are going to gravitate to when looking for a place to call home. Don’t waste your time building homes for baby boomers and then showing them a community that lacks such basic amenities.


6. Proximity to shopping & services

Older adults want to be close to the places they visit the most. For instance, 50% of baby boomers want to live in an area that has a bus stop within 1 mile or less. Along with a bus stop, several other places to consider are grocery stores, drug stores, and churches. No baby boomer is going to take a long drive to pick up dinner so choose areas to build wisely to ensure your success.


7. Use Facebook and Twitter  

Contrary to popular belief, baby boomers are actually very advanced in social media. More than 80% of them use some form of social media to keep up with family and friends. Your home builder business should not overlook social media when marketing to these buyers.


8. Be patient with baby boomers 

Allow them space when showing them properties and during the decision-making process. Bombarding baby boomers with unnecessary questions can contribute to losing a sale. Baby boomers are very direct, meaning if they need something, they will ask you for it. By being patient and responsive to their unique needs, you will have a much better chance of making the sale.


9. Value your market  

Baby boomers make up most of the home-owning demographic in the United States and one out of every four of them own multiple properties. Many boomers are looking for smaller homes now that their children have moved out. Your home builder business must understand the impact baby boomers have on the market.


10. Take advantage of traditional media  

Research suggests baby boomers spend almost twice as much time on a daily basis consuming TV, radio and print media as do millennials. Reach out to local publications such as the local newspaper and other news organizations and magazines to gain exposure about home builder business. Also, don’t forget to promote your home building company on their favorite TV channels and radio if your budget allows.


11. Be personable  

Older generations respect classic mannerisms. For example, maintaining eye contact, shaking your hand with a firm grip, calling them Mr./Mrs., and writing handwritten thank-you cards after a big deal will take your home builder brand to the next level. They will appreciate your efforts to go beyond the norm by performing these personal touchpoints.


12. Connect with their families

Most baby boomers support their children well into adulthood. They are giving you hundreds of thousands of dollars or even more for a new home, therefore it’s advised to make the relationship with their families and not just the buyers. You’re selling the home to the whole family, not just one individual.


13. Host events where baby boomers are

Baby boomers are more likely to attend an event if they are familiar with the venue. Next time your business hosts an event in your area consider venues such as: restaurants, sporting venues, entertainment facilities, clubs, etc.


14. Broaden the location

Baby boomers live everywhere in your market. Reach far and wide throughout your city and other nearby cities and surrounding towns to gain more reach and clients.

These 14 marketing techniques can help your home builder business connect to the Boomers. Remember, your city may be a popular spot for baby boomers to move to and no home builder business should dismiss their value in the market.


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